Sunday, February 16, 2014

Extrovert For A Day

Brian made $70 shoveling snow the other day. That's just downright ridiculous.

Or maybe I'm just jealous....

Well, I received my (nicely worded) rejection email from Listen To Your Mother yesterday.  I guess they didn't want to feature a snappy piece about my son leaving the toilet seat up - I can't imagine why.  Not heart-felt enough, I guess...

I don't do heartfelt very well.

Or maybe I just didn't read it well.  Who knows? Part of me was bummed to learn I wasn't selected, and part of me was relieved that I wouldn't be standing ON A STAGE in May reading about toilet seats to approximately GAZILLION PEOPLE.

I mean, really, now - just WHAT was this introvert thinking, auditioning for something like that, anyway? I guess I was a tad bored and looking to shake things up a bit.  I mean, no one has vomited around here in ages. And no mice around, either.

And, as far as excitement goes, LTYM seemed a lot safer than bungee-jumping, say.

So it's a win-win, really - I get to feel proud of myself for braving the audition without actually having to follow through on the whole shebang.  And I won't have to explain to Larry why I am taking to the stage to expose my son's bathroom habits to an admiring public...


  1. Doing the audition is a MAJOR feat, my friend. I was terrified during mine. I'm sure you did a great job. The women who produced our show last year expressed genuine remorse over the stories they weren't able to put in the show...I think they try to do a whole "flow" of themes and funny/serious/heartfelt. Try again next year :) I'm proud of you for going for it, for us introverts even submitting things takes balls.

  2. Go to 117 Hudson and read Kiz's blog about being rejected the first time she auditioned for LTYM. You'll have to scroll down a few entries to get to that one.

  3. I'm totally good at heartfelt and they didn't take my piece last year, either. Glad you tried! Please try again.

  4. Shoot, I didn't realize they had a Providence show. I'd have submitted something. Maybe next year.

    Keep trying!

    As for snow shoveling, the third (or was it fourth?) storm of the week (the one that got my husband's return flight cancelled) was the last straw--I pulled something in my back and can barely walk upright. I make my kids help shovel and I don't even pay them. Their reward is being able to be driven somewhere.

    1. Oh, we don't pay our own kids to shovel, either. These were neighbors who hired him.

  5. Way to try anyway. Fools.
    Want to send your kid my way? We've got up to 8 inches of snow coming today!

  6. It's great that you auditioned! Inspires me to try to get my own writing out there. Ripples in the pond, and all that.

    We have no snow here (drought-plagued California) but my teens could use some of your son's industriousness…so send him this way so I can have them rub his head.

  7. Yay for stepping out there, and double yay for not having to explain to husbands why we do this en masse, in any form. (I'm thinking of Greg Gutfeld's book and the chapter, "Blogs Used to Be Called Diaires, and they were kept by 12 year old girls". Or something like that. pshch

  8. I'm really impressed that you auditioned! Your own adoring public already enjoys reading about your kids' toilet issues.

  9. This is probably the only part of producing a Listen to Your Mother show that I don't like. Love auditions. Hate Casting. It's always decided by which ones work best together. After two years of feeling like shit when friends and new-to-me favorites aren't cast, I've started trying to not get emotionally attached and just keep putting it out there that it's not about "best" but "work best together." Probably one of the reasons that I find this part so painful is that I relate to it so much. I've nominated myself...submitted work...etc. in the online community for years, and I never get picked for anything. It sucks. That's probably one of the reasons that I applied to bring LTYM to DC. I knew I could produce an event (former conference planner), and if I put in the work to make it happen, then there was no chance of not being selected. Anyway - I'm so sorry that it didn't work out this year. I know it came up in your audition that you have great stage presence - I think it was the director who said something like, "you've obviously been on stage before" - so I it seems to me that extroversion suits you very well.

  10. It's disappointing to put yourself out there and not get chosen-but kudos for trying.

  11. LOL great job! I have your mice over here.