Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'll Skip Lunch, Thanks

Gosh, was it only a week ago that I had the temerity to state that no one has barfed around here in a while?  Time sure does fly when one jinxes oneself, doesn't it?  Here it is, only 7 days later, and Susie has decorated our powder room in recycled strawberry sauce from this morning's pancake breakfast.

Bright side - there is one extremely clean bathroom in my house right now.

In addition, Larry seems to have brought some weird virus home from his travels - part head cold, part sore throat, part just make you feel like you can't move around much.  After pushing through the work week, he's been sitting around like an old man all weekend, blanket over his legs, sipping his tea and obsessing over events in Ukraine (the guy was a Soviet Studies major, way back when there was a Soviet Union).  Since he has generously shared this virus with me, I've been having to lie on the couch to recover after going up the stairs.  It's like a weird glimpse of our lives 25 years from now.

Larry actually knows where this is, unlike the rest of us.

Excuse me, did I say Larry was SIPPING his tea?  Wrong word - he slurps it.  Tell me - how can I have been married to someone for 23 years and only now realize that he slurps (LOUDLY) his morning coffee and his occasional cup of tea? Oh, my Lord, one of these days I'm going to snap, and  he is going to sit there wondering why there is a cup of hot liquid dumped upside down on his head.

But the sun is out today, which reassures me that someday we may move beyond this season of colds and viruses and getting on each other's nerves.  I spent half the afternoon hanging around outside, enjoying the sunshine and talking to the neighbors.  And probably infecting them with whatever plague we are incubating in our house, come to think of it...

[Map image: World Maps]


  1. It was very considerate of Susie to vomit during daylight hours. The barfing always starts in the middle of the night in my house.

    My ex-husband slurped his tea and chomped bananas. Whose molars bang together when eating soft bananas?

    1. She just threw up again. Now I have a clean powder room and a clean living room floor. If this keeps up, I might not have to do any spring cleaning.

  2. But wait, I was a Soviet Studies major, back in the ol' SSR days! And my husband slurps his tea loudly!

    One does wish that clean bathrooms and living room floors could come about in some other way. I hope you ALL feel better.

  3. Yuck, poor Susie. Hope everyone is better soon.

  4. On the bright side, you've made me feel better about hairballs and cat barf. Because it's also disgusting, but lacks the volume put out by large mammals like humans....

  5. Oh, the very idea of the slurping coupled with the vomiting makes me feel a bit queasy this morning...

  6. If I could figure out how to send you a picture of my triage room from a few months ago I would. As if it wasn't bad enough with the kids my parents were visiting for the weekend and both caught the bug. I was attending to six pukers at one time. I desperately wanted a hazmat suit. The cloud of Lysol lasted for days.

  7. I am now crossing my fingers, toes, and legs in hopes that this "decorating" pox doesn't happen at my house!

    After my husband retired, I began discovering all sorts of bad habits that were annoying. I had to go get a part-time job for the sake of my sanity.