Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Today? Oh, band camp, a bike ride, errands, end-of-year testing for Brian, and then meeting up with a childhood friend for the better part of the afternoon/evening. Top that off with an episode of Dr. Who ("Vampires in Venice") and you have what was a very satisfying day.  In fact, on the way up from the TV room, I was congratulating myself on all I had accomplished over the last 24 hours when Brian said, "Hey, the rug is wet right there."

"Where?" I asked, although I knew.  I knew.

"There," he said, pointing - you guessed it! - toward the floor in front of the furnace/AC closet.

Folks, I know most people in the world live without AC; I know that not having air conditioning does not constitute an emergency. But I still called that emergency repair number.  Have I mentioned that it was so hot and humid today, I didn't even hesitate (as is my wont) to turn on the AC this morning? And that the same weather is predicted for tomorrow?  And then, let's see - it's a holiday weekend! Well, this repair shouldn't be too expensive, right?

I haven't seen one of these - yet.
And now it's raining, which - in theory - should mean that things cool off and we can throw open the windows and let rain-freshened air waft through the house.  But no - here things go against the natural order, so the air becomes more humid when it rains.  It's like living in the Amazon, only with less interesting wildlife.  Thank goodness.

[Bird image: BBC Nature Places]


  1. When I read the Uh-Oh? And then went on to read the floor was wet? Well, I thought the vase fell off the table. But you did stick it down with poster gum after all, huh? Sorry about the A/C. I would be sleeping in front of the open freezer door.

  2. The fire alarms went off this morning...from the humidity.

    1. Fine! Go ahead and remind me that you never have air conditioning and, what's more, you never complain about it. Go right ahead...

  3. Oh, man. That's lousy. I hope the AC gets fixed immediately. I am well familiar with those mid-Atlantic states/ East Coast rainstorms that crank up the humidity. One of life's unfairnesses. Whenever I go to Baltimore it seems like a tropical jungle to me now.

  4. AnonymousJuly 03, 2014

    Oh dear. That sounds insufferable. Even IF you manage tropical birds becoming part of the native landscape.

  5. Oh, I couldn't even live without my A/C. No way. And then people are like, "Well just put fans in the windows and create swamp coolers!" Yeah, no, that doesn't help when the air is dripping with humidity already. I feel your pain and hope that gets fixed ASAP.

  6. We just have a little wall unit in the living room. I have lost track of how old it is but I can bet you that the day it dies I'll be out buying a new one!

  7. Around here, when the floor has a puddle it's because the dehumidifier bucket overflowed -- again. Having a kaput A/C is an emergency.