Sunday, September 07, 2014

Cheap Tricks

Since Larry ripped out all the closet fixtures in the girls' room, I decided I had earned the right to visit the Container Store - you know, to see what it offers in the way of closet organizers. Yes, I have complained previously in these pages about the exorbitant prices charged by this store and how stupid it is to pay that sort of money just to organize a closet.  But, hey, I can let bygones be bygones, right?  And, having seen just how much stuff we were shoving in those closets, I figured I needed to get a handle on it once we put the room back together.

Also? I'm still mad at my perfectionistic spouse for insisting on insulating the closets in the first place.  Really, Larry?  Really?

Almost $900, people - hey, I'm not THAT mad at Larry

So I went.  I saw.  I gasped.  And then I left.  Turns out, I am constitutionally unable to spend that sort of money on wire shelves and baskets.  I KNOW I can do this cheaper. Somehow...

So tell me - any of you know of cheap closet organizing alternatives?  That actually work?

[Closet image: Container Store]


  1. Have you checked Target and the more obvious IKEA?

  2. Also, you've now left me with "Ain't That A Shame" as my earworm, rapidly followed by "I Want You To Want Me."

    1. And you've returned the favor! That last one is so darn catchy - "Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you cryin'?" I'll have to find another earworm to drown that one out.

  3. I got mine at Home Depot. Lowe's and HD both have good sections on storage that will cost way less

  4. I have organized closets with IKEA, Target, and Home Depot, which were suggested in the comments above, so maybe there? The Container Store has nice displays but not $900 worth of nice ... Good grief!

  5. We have a system we bought at Home Depot. Works pretty good.

  6. Ooh, that's nasty! I heard they were expensive, but GEE WHIZ! I have a canvas organizer that hangs from the rod, I think it was less than $20, and another for my shoes, so I'm good to go.

  7. When we built our new addition (~10 years ago), my husband bought the same kind of organizers at one of the various home-improvement stores around here (Menards, Lowes, Home-Depot). Closets, mud-room, and laundry room, all have the same organizers. They've held up fine. We add tupperware or cheap baskets where necessary.

  8. I have tall ceilings, which means that I have room for THREE shelves above the hanging bar. The lowest shelf has matching bins (labelled, of course) that hold various things. I know that common wisdom says to have high and low hanging bars, so as to maximize all the space, but I have just the one at the usual height. Below it, my shows are organized in clear boxes (out of season) and orderly rows (whatever I'm wearing now).