Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Doggy Danger

It's late, The menopause fairy won't let me sleep.  I hate her. The only time I ever want/need to sleep is at 4:30 in the afternoon.

I'm on a dishcloth binge, knitting-wise.  I just can't stop - they're like the potato chips of the craft world.  Can't knit just one...

I tried taking pictures of my creations, but they don't look right.  I swear, I am the only person on earth at this point who lacks photography skills.  Everyone else is using filters and doing whatever else it is that you do to make your photos look amazing, while I am still just trying to make sure to get whatever it is I am photographing into the frame.

In other news, my fit friend adopted an older puppy.  She brought the dog along on our walk today, which would have been FINE, except a neighbor of mine tripped over another neighbor's dog leash on Saturday and managed to bash her face in and break both her forearms.  I know, awful.  So I spent the entire walk convinced that the dog, which was essentially trotting in circles and attempting to wrap its leash around us the entire 3 miles, was going to be the death of me.

 I'm a lot of fun, really.

Okay, that's what's new.  I'm going to go pretend to sleep now.  What are you folks up to, anyway?


  1. That's awful, about your neighbor! I love dogs, but they can really cause a lot of unintentional damage and they're surprisingly strong. Our "puppy" just turned one and probably weighs less than fifty pounds, but my son Seamus (who is six feet tall) took her out for a run the other night and she somehow yanked him off his feet and dragged him across the ground for several feet. One side of his body is horrifically abraded.

  2. What are you going to do with all of the dishcloths?

    Congratulations on making it home from the walk with the dog safely.

  3. Yet another reason to skip owning a dog. My list keeps growing.....

  4. Older puppies or any age puppies spell trouble, in my opinion. It was an older puppy/ Young Adult Dog who bit me, increasing my fear of all dogs a thousand-fold.

    What's going on here is that I am saying I am cleaning off my desk but I am actually just sitting at my desk looking at the things on it. In other words, a typical day.

  5. Take a picture by laying it on something whilte, that usually helps.

    LOL on the dog, mine try to kill me just walking through the house hafl the time.

  6. Ugh, running around my neighborhood I sometimes pass people running with dogs on leashes and it looks so unfun. I'm glad the dogs are on a leash, because I don't feel like dealing with them, but the dog is yanking and pulling and gah. I can't imagine it's a good satisfying run for the owner, but what do I know?

    4:30 am was my cursed time with PTSD. It's why as soon as the sun rose early enough I got out of bed at 5 to walk (and later, run). Maddening just lying in bed wide awake. It's hard at this time of year though.

  7. Walking a dog has NEVER been fun for me either. I'm glad I have one that tags along off-leash in our woods and I don't need to sweat in fear of getting damaged.

  8. Our puppy was adopted at the age of ten, so I feel pretty safe walking him BUT it is annoying for anyone who actually wants to jog or keep up a particular pace. Moses is always wanting to check his pee-mail in the bushes.