Monday, October 13, 2014

Spin Me 'Round Like A Record, Baby

Happy Columbus Day! Susie threw up last night, maybe to express her gut revulsion toward our honoring a conquistador with a federal holiday.  Pretty politically savvy for a nine-year-old, but kids these days...

Costco-sized pretzel container - very handy
So today has been all soda and pretzels (no beer) and hunkering down with school work and making yet ANOTHER crockpot full of applesauce, which batch might just make it into the canner before we eat it all.  Or not.  I haven't been able to get around to canning applesauce the past 10 years; I don't see why this fall should be any different.

Larry declared today FIX ALL THE CARS Day and has been shuttling our fleet of minivans over to the nearby garage to have oil changed and whatever the heck else they do that ends up costing us close to a thousand bucks a year.

We like to support the local economy, so it all works out.

Oh, and here's a picture of my latest Amazon purchase:

You're all jealous of my mad photography skills, I can tell.

No, I am not talking about the warehouse-size bottle of tabasco sauce; look at the lazy susan underneath it. LOOK AT IT! No more having to ask people to pass the salt or otherwise communicate in a civil manner at the dinner table. Now we can just spin that thing like a big ol' roulette wheel and hope that it lands with the Sriracha sauce facing the right person.  Vingt-et-deux, ladies and gentlemen! Vingt-et-deux!

Yes, my children are apparently incapable of uttering such common niceties as "Pass the salt, please." Also, they insist on referring to this item as a lousy susan, because that's what Ricky Ricardo calls it on the I Love Lucy show.  Noble savages, we call them.  Or not so noble, actually...


  1. Oooo! Like spin the bottle, spicy but no germs!

  2. Placing a spin-y thing on the table, made to be spinned (spun?) on ARE brave, my friend...LOL!

  3. I am impressed that the tabasco sauce is right there with the more mundane salt and pepper.

  4. I used to aggravate my sister to no end with jokes about the lazy Susan, because her name is Susan.
    I really, really want to know how that thing got the name. Who was the original Susan, and what did she not do that people called her lazy?

  5. I have the same problem with applesauce! I didn't know that it was actually possible to make it to the canning process, either… I'm lucky if it makes it out of the pot.

  6. At first, I was all "oooh, Tabasco..." but then I noticed right afterward that you had a spiffy lazy Susan. We've talked for years about getting one of our very own but then the kids grew bigger with long enough arms to reach across the table and steal the condiments from their siblings. Problem solved by hormones and time, although I admired a really large lazy Susan just a few days ago.
    I'm impressed by your daughter's political savvy and hope she only has the 24-hour version.

  7. Sriracha and Tabasco...hmmmmmm...perhaps these could be the reason there's always so much vomit at your house. Does not explain all the kids and mouse though....

  8. We had one of those on the table when I was a kid. Now we never sit at the table anymore, I guess I should work on that. But first I need to finish this 1000 piece puzzle.

  9. Our solution is 2 butter dishes, 2 sets of salt and pepper, 2 bottles of ketchup, one for each end of the table. My dining room table, with both leaves in and both drop leafs up is 7 1/2 feet long and 3 1/2 ft wide. We still would have to stand up to reach a lazy susan, unless we were sitting near the middle of the long sides. I could get one for each end of the table?

    1. I think you would need 3, but it might be worth it.