Sunday, October 26, 2014


Oh, what a tangled web we weave...
I have spent my entire evening trying to untangle the above skein and roll it into a ball. Hours that I could have spent knitting if this skein had only behaved as it was supposed to, but no! I still have a ways to go, and no finished (or even started) fingerless mitts in sight.

I know...I suffer.  But isn't that yarn gorgeous?  And wouldn't it be nice if I could remember the name? Handpainted something or other, 75% superwash wool...I bought it from one of the yarn shops my sister-in-law and I managed to visit in Acadia last summer.  I've got a skein (cooperatively NOT tangled) in shades of blue, also.  4 pairs of mitts, if I can just get started...

Can you hear them?

Meanwhile, there are SO MANY BAGS of Halloween candy in this house, and every one of them is calling my name. Particularly the one that has those short, fat, chewy Twizzlers in it - you know, the kind you can only get around Halloween? I love those so much.

I probably should check to make sure it's the right kind, no? I'd hate to be disappointed on Friday, and if I test them now, I would still have time to go out and search for the right ones.

Of course, if I do that, it will be a candy free-for-all around here for the next 5 days.  ALL BAGS MUST STAY SEALED.  Get thee behind me, Twizzlers!

We have so many festivities planned, this holiday is getting busier than Christmas.  Pumpkin carving on All Hallows Eve Eve, as it were, and then a trip to Chipotle in costume on the High Holy Day itself, in order to buy our $3 Booritos, and then of course trick-or-treating, followed by the Great Candy Swap in our living room.  Auntie Kate is arriving just in time for all the excitement.  She used to arrive the week before Halloween, but she's wised up - she always ended up making all the costumes that way.

So that's what is on my mind tonight - candy and yarn.  And candy. Does anything else really matter?


  1. Gorgeous yarn, even in a tangled state (and even though my favorite color is blue).
    A fresh bag of candy corn has been purchase due to "checking" to see if it was the right kind. You are so correct about the dangers of opening the bag. Don't do it!
    On the other hand, if everyone samples, you won't have to make dinner. Maybe Aunt Kate can come early?

  2. The Great Candy Swap! I think I saw my last one last year. :-(

    I can't wait to see a photo of the fingerless gloves ... work those tangles!

  3. My bad, bad husband opened the bags of candy last night. He has been at his office all day and not home where the peanut butter cups and heath bars can call to him. I do have to say, Rolos are not as good as they used to be. Just my own scientific research...all in the name of research.

  4. This is why I haven't bought any candy yet....if it's not in the house I can't check it!

  5. At least yarn keeps your fingers from tearing open candy wrappers, right?

  6. Actually, it appears that that is not true. Unfortunately.