Friday, May 08, 2015


We interrupt the whining about the heat and the broken AC to bring you this late-breaking news: The New York Times, that former bastion of intelligent journalism, is apparently not quite clear on the concept of the holiday we all will be celebrating, in one form or another, this coming Sunday. I know this to be true because they just tweeted this: Cook With the Kids This Mother's Day.

Yeah, all you moms out there, read it twice. Because I did.  And, in case you still don't understand what they are saying, it links to some fun recipes that you can have your children "help" you with, on your day off.

Let's see, I wonder what else the Gray Lady is planning to tweet today.  How about Clean All Your Bathrooms on Mother's Day? Or maybe, Go to Target With a Nap-Deprived Toddler and a Fussy Baby on Mother's Day?

Gosh, this game is fun.  Go ahead, give it a try in the comments.  What do YOU think The New York Times wants us moms to do on our special day?


  1. Spend the afternoon bringing each child to a different sporting event, and then wash all their uniforms together after the games.

  2. Start potty training a a continuous loop of Barney for 6 hours...take your teenage daughter shopping for a new summer many things for them to choose from. I was going to say maybe the article meant dad's cooked with the kids that day, but then I remembered...that would be even worse.
    Have a wonderful, non-New York times kind of Mother's Day!

  3. Bring them all to the garden center to "help" you pick out some plants for your garden.

  4. Whose bright idea was that? I don't want to (and don't ever) cook every day. What most moms want is peace and quiet. Sure lunch or dinner out is nice. But generally, all we want is a clean house (that we didn't clean) and quiet. It never really happens, but then that might be because we are moms.

  5. How about you take your kid(s) to the ER on Mother's Day? Imagine the thrill of picking your baby up off the playground sand with an open fracture to her tibia, rushing to the parking lot, getting your car more than slightly messy with blood and beginning the fun-filled drive to the hospital. Upon arrival you need to hijack a gurney because there's nobody around and wheel her in yourself. Now THAT my friends is a day to remember.

  6. I suppose that this was aimed at... fathers ? (not quite clear, however)

    1. Check the link - it sure doesn't look like it. There's no "Dads! Surprise Mom by helping the kids cook!" in there.

  7. AnonymousMay 09, 2015

    Who the? What the? WTF? That's the most appalling idea EVER. As bad as "Craft Projects for Mommy and Me on Mother's Day."

  8. Just add playdoh and glitter! Ugh.

  9. My Mothers' Day has been planned for me by the sadistic director of our city's high school orchestra. Mandatory spring concert, to which my son MUST bring his home bass. He has to be at school at 6:30 pm and, if last year is any indicator, won't be released until nearly 11:00 pm.