Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Almond Joys Are Calling My Name

Harris Teeter has $5 subs all week.  I swear, I don't know why I bother to cook anymore.

You can't see her face, but this is the most cheerful black widow you can imagine.
Rachel made her own costume this year. Determined to be a black widow spider (no, I don't know why, let's not dwell on that), she designed the legs (black stockings filled with batting) and the hourglass shape on her belly (red felt) all by herself. We're ahead of the game here, costume-wise, as she has already had 2 Halloween parties to attend. In fact, both occurred yesterday, and boy was that fun, what with her costume not being finished until noon (first party was at noon-thirty) and her needing to bake something for each event. Hell hath no fury like a teen girl intent on socializing, obstacles be damned.

You know, I don't think I EVER went to a Halloween party.  So that's the question of the day: are there more Halloween parties than there used to be, say, in the 1970s? Or was I just a friendless loser? Or both?

Discuss.  I need to get back to not eating the two huge bags of Costco Halloween candy that are taunting me from my living room.  NOT EATING, I say...


  1. There was a party at our neighborhood community center every year when I was growing up, and there were some families with annual parties, but I think the majority of kids' parties took off after the Tylenol scare and related tainted candy (hoax) scares and people wanted better control over their kids' activities.

  2. I remember one time when I was roughly 7 or 8, we went to the school gym and had a community Halloween party. Not sure if they had them all the time and we only went once or if it was a one time deal. When I was a kid I don't even remember having class parties but maybe we did and I am just so old now that I don't remember....

  3. My MIL had a Hallowen party ever year instead of 4 birthday parties in a 2 + month time span.

  4. My MIL had a Hallowen party ever year instead of 4 birthday parties in a 2 + month time span.

  5. Clever costume idea!
    I don't recall many parties back in the day. I think our worlds were smaller.

  6. I hosted the one and only Halloween party that I ever attended in the 1970s. It was the same small group of friends that hang out in my basement playing ping pong, but with costumes.
    Halloween used to be a two day event (the day of, and the day after, when you compared candy). Now it's a month long crazy holiday that -- I think -- is too much.

  7. I'm so impressed by her costume-making abilities! Also, if you haven't eaten all the Almond Joys, you WIN Halloween. My AJs are still at the store and I'm really hoping they stay there... because chocolate + almond + coconut = 10 extra pounds.

    I went to one Halloween party as a kid. The mom really did an awesome job, dry ice and all. We played the LP with "Monster Mash" on it and bobbed for apples. The rest of the time it was all about trick-or-treating in the rain.