Sunday, October 04, 2015

Singing The Blues

We kept Larry busy all weekend painting Susie's new room.  I know, I know, I said he was all done with renovating our house (except the basement), but I didn't want him to come off his remodeling jag too quickly - he might get the bends or something.  So the painting is akin to a step-down program, if you will - sort of a methadone approach to weaning oneself from a home-repair binge.

Anyway, Susie's new room: since Brian moved into David's old room, Susie - eager to escape the frequent death glares leveled at her by her sister and erstwhile roommate Rachel - claimed Brian's former bedroom for her very own.  And never mind that we had just painted it for Brian less than 3 years ago (after Anna moved out - do try to keep up) - Susie didn't like the dark blue he had picked out. So we took her to the paint store where she picked out a paint color on the very first try.

I know! She shares our DNA and everything, yet this happened. We're calling it the Miracle of the Cayman Blue Paint Swatch.

Behold! We have been endued with a color from on high!

Is there a patron saint of painting? Susie should probably take that name at Confirmation.

I would like to point out here that this is the VERY FIRST TIME anyone as young as 10 has gotten her own room in our home.  This is the benefit of being the last-born, I guess.  At age 10, first-born Theo was still being forced to bunk with both his brothers.

Come to think of it, everyone in this house has his/her own room now, except Larry and me. What's up with that?


  1. There are a number of pros and cons to being single, but far and away the best gig is having MY OWN ROOM. Painted the color I chose. With bedding I love. And the whole closet. And the entire bathroom. Stop me anytime...

  2. I am so relieved. It's always a tad dice-y when you let the kids pick a color!

  3. # 8 wants to paint the girls currently boring white room. She took the posters off the walls and scrubbed them. Now to see if we can get the sticker residue off. Dad vetoed purple, the other 2 girls at home choice, but he did say blue would be okay with him.

  4. I understand how the oldest can feel -- my older sister didn't have her own room at an age she could remember until she got her own apartment. I had my own room then, but was expected to leave the spare twin bed alone for her infrequent visits -- and paint it my own choice of color? Hasn't happened yet! (I choose the bathroom paint and do it myself, so there's that...)
    The young don't have to worry about living with their poor choices for 20 years.
    I do think Susie did a good job with her paint choice.

  5. A beautiful choice...maybe you should have her be the head paint-picker-outer from now on.

  6. Great color. And thanks for getting rid of the white font! Those of us in the AARP thank you.

    1. Hey, it wasn't easy on me, either! I was just in love with that red background color...

  7. I credit getting my own room at 7 with the fact that my younger sister is still alive. But there were only the two of us. FYI, Saint Luke is the patron saint of painters.

  8. Good for her! And you have to admire a kid who knows what she likes and makes a solid, swift decision.
    Like you, our master bedroom is getting the repaint treatment LAST of all the rooms. Ah well, it also has the most furniture to move around, so that factors in a bit.