Thursday, October 08, 2015

Going Round In Circles

Today, a friend volunteered to take my girls to a local fall farm festival thing - you know, the kind with corn mazes and big slides and pumpkins and LOTS OF PEOPLE.  I did it myself once, years ago (come to think of it, I took someone else's child that time, along with my own), and I swore never to go again. Did I mention LOTS OF PEOPLE?

So let's hear it for good friends willing to take one for the team, okay? The girls were thrilled and came home carrying the mini pumpkins each ticket holder receives. I was thrilled because I didn't have to pretend to be having fun for 4 hours. It was a win-win.  Well, except for my friend, I guess.  But I'll make it up to her, I promise.

Oh, hey, I just realized, another friend took my girls last year.  Okay, so all my acquaintances know that I am so lazy, my girls would never have fun if they didn't step up.  What of it?

And what did I do with my afternoon off?  Did I scrub the refrigerator? Did I catch up on laundry? Did I maybe get rid of the mountain of junk that is piling up in my bedroom?

Me, in 10 years or so. Except with more hair.
Of course not.  I went to the local yarn store, because it is Spinzilla this week - some sort of spinning extravaganza - and I knew there would be someone at the shop who could help me figure out how to use a drop spindle.  A friend at Knit Night showed me how last year, but I kept getting stuck and giving up.  Last night, however, she brought the most cunning little spinning wheel to Knit Night and sat there spinning away, and I fell in love with it. LOVE.

But apparently, you need to know how to spin to use a spinning wheel. Crazy, isn't it? So I spent an hour today at the shop, trying to relearn how to use that spindle. I came home triumphant and promptly got stuck again. The yarn keeps breaking, I don't know why. It's just a good thing my family doesn't have to depend on me to produce their clothing. We would all be very cold.

So, yeah - I am picking up a new hobby, in case you hadn't noticed.  Because someday I want to have my own cunning little spinning wheel; and I will sit in my clean, orderly house and spin beautiful yarns and never once think about how all my kids have grown up and left me and won't ever be my babies again. I NEED TO DO THIS.

The End.

[Spinning wheel image: Wikipedia]


  1. A friend from church spins. She has a bumper sticker "spinning, because knitting isn't weird enough" lol

  2. I can see how this would be an even better hobby than quilting or scrapbooking, because those two hobbies make me think I need someone for gifting (quilts -- preferably baby quilts) and someone willing to let me take pictures (my kids are not willing participants).