Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hey, It's June!

Okay, things are looking up here: I'm no longer frightening the children by lying on the couch, crying in pain from the sinus infection that wouldn't die.  That's definitely an improvement over last week. And you know how I'm always saying that I don't have much to do around here now that the kids are older? Well, last week, while I was lying on that couch, I noticed there was a heck of a lot of stuff NOT GETTING DONE, which can only mean that actually, I do do a lot. I'm just so good at it after all these years that no one notices, including myself.

One of our neighbors is relocating across the country next week. They've lived here 4 years and our daughters hang out with each other almost every day. I'll tell you, these people have some nerve moving. Oh, sure, they've got 2 great job offers and their entire family lives out West and yada yada yada; but don't they care about us? It's not as if our family is going to jump in the car and pull our camper all the way to Idaho next summer. We can barely plan an East Coast vacation, as it is. And there's no way Brian would tolerate that many days in the car with his sisters, anyway. He's a great guy, but he IS 16. There are limits.

So, yeah, I'm mad at them. Selfish, that's what they are. Just plain selfish.

On the bright side, it IS June, thank goodness.  My favorite month, because there's my birthday and the days are so long and the mornings so beautiful. Also, no mosquitoes yet. They're coming for us, but not for another couple of weeks. That means that, for now, we all can continue to pretend that summer is beautiful and fun.

I still do not have a job. Still waiting to hear on a contract that is still pending, for an editing job that would really be ideal. It's been almost a year now. I submit a couple of resumes a week to other places and never, ever, hear back. So, I wait. Waiting doesn't pay well, I'll tell you that.

And that's all the news here, folks! Aside from my losing at Bunko tonight, of course - but that happens all the time. I'm used to it.

[Broken heart image: Cliparts.com]
[Cartoon: LooseParts]


  1. AnonymousJune 14, 2016

    I hope you land the dream job soon.
    I HATE when people I like move. That stinks.

  2. Yeah, the job thing: the only reason I have one is that it fell into my lap (or I fell into its lap... it's hard to tell sometimes.

    *I* live out west and would love to see you on your epic vacation if you ever decide to do it. You could visit other bloggers, too, just like Mrs. G did a few years ago. And as for bunko, you should consider instituting a loser's prize -- my group gives $5 to the person with the most losses of the evening. Let's just say I've won it a few times...

  3. Oh how I hate it when friends move away. Like their lives are going to be that much better away from us...
    Hope you finally get that dream job.

  4. I heard or read somewhere to call and follow up after you submit an application online. Might help?

  5. Friends moving away...sorta like my doctor who retired without even asking me if it was ok.