Saturday, June 11, 2016

Like HGTV, But Less Interesting

My BFF's this week
Well! Looks as though those science-y people aren't quite on their toes, since it turns out my antibiotics didn't work, and  I kept getting worse, so Wednesday I got to visit two more doctors and have a CAT scan and get more medicines and, hoo-boy, it's been a fun week. Why didn't any of you warn me about the part of a sinus infection where the swelling compresses nerves in your face and you wake up feeling as though someone is repeatedly stabbing you in the jaw? Had to let me find that out all by myself, did you? Thanks.

So here I am, a little better, taking steroids (ooh, fun, never had those before) and another antibiotic and popping Motrin, but luckily I haven't been so sick that I couldn't pursue Larry's and my new hobby, which is buying used kitchen tables off the Internet.

You see, until a month ago, we still had our 6-seater table that we bought back in 2001 (it matched the hutch I got rid of here). But we only have 5 people living here now, and at any one meal we tend to only have 4 or less, and I was tired of edging around the too-big table in the limited space of our eating area. Wouldn't it be nice, I thought, if we had a cute round table with a self-storing leaf, so we could easily make it accommodate 6 people if we needed it?

And then the Internet gods smiled on me and I found one on our town's Online Yard Sale on Facebook - only 50 dollars! "Look," I told Larry, "it's just what we want, but the wrong color. Let's see if it feels right before we spend money on a new table. We can resell it later." And Larry, having been married  to me lo these many years, accepted that it would be so.

What Larry dragged home last month, only with a white laminate top 

So, we like it, except for the white laminate top (weird) and the fact that there appears to be an umbrella hole in the middle of the self-storing leaf (sort of a dealbreaker for Larry). We were even planning on going to IKEA and spending the big bucks on the newer version (well, I was, anyway). But late last night, on the Online Yard Sale, I saw another one - black, no hole, pedestal instead of legs, with 4 matching chairs.

"Larry!" I yelled. "Come here! Will black work?" We ended up consulting Brian - our design maven around here, what with his mad visual skills - and he approved. So this morning I fetched the chairs, and Larry - after spending 8 hours today helping Civil Air Patrol cadets run a food drive - will go get the table. Because, really, that's what he likes to do on his days off.

What Larry's dragging home today 

Or maybe he's just a good sport, right? A good sport who knows how to stay married?


  1. Do NOT spend money while on steroids.

  2. Steroids are the worst! The worst! But if they make the pain go ahead then it will be worth it. Love that black table!

  3. Steroids suck. I'm on them again for my breast issue and they've helped undo all my hard weight loss work. But, you know, no pain, so that will have to do. Hope you don't have to stay on them long.

  4. Sinus infections are evil. So are steroids, but sometimes they are a necessary evil. I hope you're feeling better soon and GREAT find on the table and chairs!

  5. Hope the steroids help. Great job finding that table!

    And yes, Larry has been married long enough to know what he needs to do.

  6. I hadn't warned about sinus infection pain because it was so horrible I blocked it from my mind. HORRIBLE. I hope and pray your new meds work. Steroids have such weird effects.

    I like the black table! I don't know how to do something like "Online Yard Sale."

  7. So wait. Does the black one have leaves (leafs?) too? I like it as it is.

  8. Hugs to you on the healing. I hope the steroids don't leave you bloated and bound up. They always do that to me.

  9. Must. Become. Healed. You've been through the proverbial wringer!
    Nice new table, though!