Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Um, hi! I would have written sooner, but I have spent the better part of the last, oh, 10 days coughing uncontrollably. So much fun! And no, it's not bronchitis or pneumonia. It's just an irritating thing in my windpipe that is freaking out absolutely everyone around me.

Nothing that a lot of Halloween candy can't cure, I am sure...

Kidding about the candy cure - I used this, instead

It has also cut short my not-so-illustrious career as an elder companion - seems that no one wants to let you drive them to the doctor when you sound as though you have TB (I don't - we checked). Technically, I AM on the upswing here - I mean, the past few days, I have even been able to sleep through the night instead of sitting up drinking tea and coughing sporadically for hours on end.

So, yeah, there's hope.

In the meantime, Halloween has snuck up on me. In desperation, I ordered a Hogwarts robe from Amazon for Susie and told poor Rachel she's on her own. I bought the candy at Costco and have managed not to open it yet (although I did have an unfortunate falling down with a bag of candy pumpkins from Target a few days ago).

My precious...

Despite my apparently imminent demise, I managed to finish a lovely pair of fingerless mitts for my friend's birthday. I would show you a photo of them, but I forgot to take one. That's annoying, because my new phone would have snapped an awesome picture of my work. I have this new phone because Brian took charge around here and got Larry and I signed up on Project Fi (awesome deal, people!) and helped us pick out phones and then showed us how to use them. Because we are helpless like that.

Turns out I have a flashlight function on mine - who knew? Brian wants me to stop shouting "Lumos!" every time I use it, but I can't stop. I don't WANT to stop.

So, anyway, now I can actually add apps to my phone, because it has more than 8 GB of storage, and I can even download my email. And the girls don't play with it because I've coughed all over it.

Have I mentioned I'm coughing? Oh, okay then...


  1. I'm jealous of your flashlight function but not your cough. Hope your improvement is now exponential!

  2. Could you be allergic to something? (Definitely not candy, of course.)

    And that soup looks SO good! Have you shared that recipe on the blog before?

    1. You should know me well enough by now to know this recipe will not be impressive. I threw the carcass of a rotisserie chicken in a pot with water, celery, and onion. I made the matzoh balls from the Manischewitz mix. Sure did photograph well, though, didn't it?

  3. Is that all the candy? We picked up about six of those, and they will be gone within an hour on Saturday night.

    So sorry you're sick. Although your soup looks good, and has inspired me to add that to the wish list of things to make as soon as our kitchen is functional.

    1. You must live in a great neighborhood! We used to get about 70 trick-or-treaters, and then for a number of years the numbers went down to 25 or so. Last year we were back up to 60, so I am optimistic.

  4. Still coughing? I hope that stops soon - maybe chocolate is the answer?

  5. Isn't the light cool? I also have a compass, and maps and I got a little bluetooth keyboard so I can type instead of being stuck trying to tap those annoying little tiles on the onscreen keyboard.

  6. Nice to hear from you between coughs! I was volunteering at a children's center the other day, and my charge wanted to play a game with the spinner missing. Yes, apparently there is an app for that! I was the hero. Or my phone was at least.