Sunday, October 30, 2016

Visions Of Snickers Bars

Oooh, I want a pink one!
So I went to the doctor and told her I couldn't stop coughing and she checked that I was vaccinated for pertussis (I was!) and agreed that 3 weeks is too long to cough and also agreed that my lungs were clear, so could I have my medical degree now please? Thanks.

Anyway, she gave me antibiotics (because SOMETHING is going on in my windpipe and why the hell not?) and some prescription cough medicine in pill form, which seems to me shouldn't work because it's not a liquid and whaddya know, it didn't. I spent the last 48 hours or so telling myself the antibiotics were working, but I really don't think so. I mean, I'm still coughing and I still feel exhausted if I think about doing anything remotely strenuous (like cleaning the bathroom or cooking dinner, say).

Maybe it's just an allergy to housework?

We had an absolutely gorgeous, unseasonably warm fall weekend here, perfect for biking, which I got tired just thinking about, so no. Susie made me go to Michaels, though, and purchase some Halloween decorations (2 autumn leaf garlands and 2 scarecrows, all 70% off) to put in our front yard. She also helped me pot the bright yellow mums that have been sitting on our front porch for a while. So, thanks to my youngest, we are looking somewhat prepared for the High Holy Day of candy that is bearing down upon us all.

I was too cheap to buy the tie.
I totally punted on costumes this year: Susie wanted to be something from Harry Potter, so I bought her a Hogwarts robe from Amazon, and Rachel still hasn't managed to decide what to be, so I told her she's on her own. Rachel DID drag me to Party City last Thursday to look for some tutus, but those were for Spirit Week (whatever THAT is) at her high school.

Word to the wise: DO NOT go to Party City 4 days before Halloween. Madhouse doesn't begin to describe what was happening there. It was like Times Square on New Year's Eve, or Black Friday at the mall. I managed to fight my way through the crowds and snag an inexpensive witch hat for Susie (aka Hermione Granger), while Rachel shopped for green tutus and tried (unsuccessfully) to convince me she could wear hers with just a pair of bright blue stockings (no pants) to school the next day.

Dear Lord, do I have 3 1/2 more years of this? Boarding school (with conservative uniforms) is looking better and better. Maybe I'll just have her wear Susie's Hogwarts robe to school.

If all that wasn't enough, Larry and I spent the weekend looking at tile and bathroom vanities, plus I was forced to freeze my butt off at a high school football game on Friday night. The good news is, Larry and I are still married. The bad news is, I still hate football.

I'm exhausted typing all this. Good night, folks - happy candy hunting!

PS - Brian is doing fine, but I freak out every time I see the stitches behind his ear. "Did they take your whole ear OFF?" I asked him. "No," he said, "I think they just folded it forward." Gah.

[Hogwarts robe image: Halloween Costumes]


  1. "I enjoy convalescence; it is the part that makes the illness worth while," said George Bernard Shaw.
    Probably doesn't help, though, right?
    So sorry! I hope you improve really soon!

    1. The problem is, no one lets me convalesce around here (see above re tile store, Lowes, football game, Party City, etc.).

  2. If the antibiotics aren't helping go back to the doctor. You shouldn't be taking them if they aren't working; not good for you. Could it be allergy related (we are all dying here from allergy symptoms)?

  3. Antibiotics always make me exhausted. Not that this knowledge helps. Sorry!

  4. No one should suffer from a cough that long. Hope you are mended.
    Those dress up days are stressful.
    And a folded ear would make me stressed.