Thursday, October 27, 2016

Doctor, Doctor

What's up with those 2 snakes, anyway?
OMG, posting 2 days in a row - something exciting must have happened, for sure!

Only, um, no. I just happen not to be coughing right now and thought I would sit down here and let you all know. My theory is that the coughing has lessened because I actually made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning, if only to get all my well-meaning friends and family to stop saying, "You really should see a doctor about that."

And, yes, that IS what I am going to tell the doctor tomorrow, when she asks, "Why are you here?"

This morning Brian had ear surgery, so apparently our theme here today is the medical arts. The only other surgery our kids have had (aside from wisdom tooth removal) is the adenoidectomy we foisted on Rachel when she was 7. You know all those books and pamphlets that give you instructions on how to prepare your young child for surgical procedures? Yeah, me neither. Essentially, the morning of the surgery, we told Rachel we were going to the doctor's and she hopped in the car. We are terrible parents.

So, anyway, our HMO website had a video Brian was supposed to watch, all about general anesthesia. "Do I have to?" he asked, and we said, "Well, no, we guess not." I mean, really now, it's not as if Brian had to practice for his part in this. He just had to lie down, right?

He came through the surgery with flying colors (whatever that means). I missed the fun part of seeing him being loopy post-op, because I wimped out and begged Larry to take him instead. Larry is a nice guy and a good father (despite not forcing Brian to watch the anesthesia video) and willingly complied.

Surgery is scary. Brian didn't mind it, though, because as he said, "I was asleep." Instead, I'm the one who sat home for 3 hours and pored over baby pictures and tried not to imagine horrible outcomes, because, hey, that's my job. But just think - if something had happened to Brian, WHO would have helped us figure out our phones? WHO would have operated the scanner? WHO would have explained how to find our photos?

No one, that's who. So, yeah, I was glad to see him again.


  1. The anesthesia on my kids always freaks me out too. My second kid has had multiple surgeries so I've had lots of freaking out practice.

  2. I love anesthesia because I'm "asleep" and can't hear the doctor say "Oops" (or a different 4 letter word of choice) -- which HAS happened to me, so I am not someone to talk to prior to a surgery.
    Hope Brian is benefiting from his surgery outcome ASAP, and I hope the doctor has a miracle cure for you!

    The snakes have to do with Moses obeying God by putting up a pole with serpents carved on it (seemed like idols to me, but whatever!) and everyone who looked at it was healed. It's now the U.S. Army Medical Corps symbol.

  3. I'm glad you are seeing a doctor - although, I didn't want to say that earlier. And, of course, it goes without saying you won't cough again before you walk into the office. It never fails.

  4. So what was the outcome of the doctor's visit?

  5. Surgery for one's child definitely is scary. Glad to hear he came through fine.

    And how are you now that you have seen The Doctor?

    Karen: That's wild about the source of those snakes on the pole.

  6. I found the medical arts so amusing! Seriously though it’s good Brian pulled through even without watching the general anesthesia video. You can never be too sure with surgery, no matter how routine minor surgery is these days. Funny, I would have been asking myself the same questions like “who will fix our phones,” “who will fix the scanner.” But in reality I would have been a nervous wreck like you were.