Thursday, August 31, 2017

Better Housekeeping Through Technology

All right, so yesterday RobinH (who, really, has never led me wrong) informed me in the comments that the appliance I was lusting after was essentially a $99 dustpan. Dammit, she's right.

Still want it, though. Not gonna get it, but I want it.

Tempting, but price-y
Gigi suggested I get a Roomba instead, but wow, those things are $300 and up now. I had no idea they were so expensive. Also, doesn't it just keep bumping into chair legs and such? Anyway, I'm not getting one, because, well, $300.

I continued to feel lousy all day yesterday; by evening, I had myself convinced that I had either diverticulitis or colon cancer or life-threatening appendicitis that was presenting weirdly. So I spent several hours imagining how I would say good-bye to my children. I also wondered how Larry would find someone to drive them places.

I'm not kidding.

I woke up able to drink liquids and even managed a piece of toast, so maybe I don't have to put out a Help Wanted ad yet. I don't know, because now my stomach is hurting again. This thing is weird, the way it's hanging on.

Yeah, I do have health insurance. I just hate going to the doctor, is all. So I'll sit here and wait until the holiday weekend before I decide to do anything about any of this. That's smart, right?


  1. Any relief from OTC Prilosec? You could have gastritis. I did, and I had belly pain for months and months. You still need to go to the doctor, though. (Maybe you need a different doctor, one you like?)

  2. Yes, the Roomba IS expensive and I hoarded my pennies to buy mine. And yes, it does hit chair legs and the like, but not hard and then it finds it way around the item. What I love about it, other than not having to actually make the time to vacuum, is that it goes UNDER things. And it's utterly satisfying to empty the thing and see how FULL of dirt, etc. that it picked up.

    I see that they also have a robotic floor mop...I guess it's time to start hoarding my pennies again.

    I'm sorry this bug is hanging on. I hate going to the doctor too, but you will feel better as soon as you make that appointment - at least that's the way it always works for me.

  3. I dumped the Roomba. It nicked the furniture and the woodwork, cleaning it was a PITA, it was easier just to vacuum. I would totally get a $99 dustpan before I went back to Roomba. YMMV. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe it's a bezoar. Or a hairball.

  4. Sounds like a ....wait. I am NOT going to try to guess your ailment! Heheh sorry. I hope someone gets you to the Dr. soon. I hope they make the appointment and just load you in the car and take you. Like a mom would do.

  5. Ugh! I hope you can find some relief soon.

  6. Have you seen the pictures of what Roomba does when it goes over dog poop? Don't think I want to chance that haha.

    Dr can't do anything for a virus anyways. Just take your money towards another trip to Paris.

  7. My Roomba is the best purchase we ever made. My family room and kitchen get vacuumed every night while we are sleeping. And it forces us to keep those areas a little cleaner as we pick up every night so Roomba can do its magic. We got ours for an amazing price a few years ago on Cyber Monday.