Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Let Them Eat Cake

We're at T-2 days until we leave for our camping vacation, and there's a ton of stuff to do, so naturally time speeds up exponentially, just to make things easier. I still have to get a haircut (we have to pay for 5 minutes of hot water in the shower, and there's no way I can be done in under 5 minutes with a full head of hair), pedicure (because, um, doesn't everyone do that before 2 weeks of camping), some presents for Rachel's birthday on Saturday while we are on the road -- and, yes, she IS miffed that she is spending 6 hours in the car with her family on her birthday.

Did I say miffed? Actually, Rachel's disdain/disgust level will be through the roof. Her voice will be able to cut through metal, and she'll use it on us any time any one of us attempts to sound the least bit happy. We are so looking forward to this state of affairs.

Naturally, our car battery decided to give up the ghost last night because I had the temerity to run it for 10 minutes to charge my phone, so add "get new car battery" to the to-do list, will you? We are just lucky that this happened last night and not, say, on the night we set up camp, usually after dark, when we use the parked van's headlights to help us see what we are doing.

This is why we went to the moon, I guess
In other news, Brian returned late last night from his Seattle sojourn, where he ate good food, saw interesting sights (racing corgis!), and generally enjoyed himself from dawn to dusk. He's jet lagged and still sleeping; I haven't woken him up because I'm guessing his re-entry syndrome isn't going to be too pleasant.

Of course, he will probably cheer up as he helps us pack the car and then waves good-bye to us on Friday. Brian gets to stay home again this year, as his community college courses start up before we get back. I'm picturing him dancing a little jig as we pull out of the parking lot, actually.

For a brief time last night, however, I had all 6 of my kids sitting in the living room, laughing and joking and talking. I've pretty much waited 25 years for that moment, people, a moment which has made our long, arduous, ongoing slog through the teen years worth it. I don't ask for much, you know. Just brief spells of good-natured camaraderie amongst my offspring, with me there to witness it.

It was like Christmas in August, without all the gift-giving pressure and the ultra-flammable tree to worry about. More fun, is what I'm saying...

Engineered with brotherly love
And now we're off to Anna's birthday lunch - because, yeah, why not cram some festivities into the week, while we're at it? Thank goodness David likes to bake cakes. He's a rocket engineer (well, studying to be one) and is very precise. None of those sloppy specimens that I crank out, year after year, nope - his cakes are round and perfectly frosted and never look as though they have been chewed by rats.

Okay, click on that last link and scroll to the second half of the post. I promise, you will not regret the effort.


  1. That's a gorgeous cake! What is sprinkled over the top?

    1. I think it's just powdered sugar. And I've found that cakes taste much better when I didn't have to make them.

  2. Yes, camaraderie amongst the offspring is one of the greatest joys of life. I'm so glad you have been able to experience it.

    THAT is a gorgeous-looking cake.

  3. I don't know where my comment went! So again, current cake is gorgeous. Lego cake? Cake-wrecks site worthy!

  4. Literal laugh out loud. Thank you for that. I can go to sleep happy. Oh my goodness. That Lego cake!

  5. Hope you have (are having) a wonderful time!

  6. Havng just packed the family, our meals, and Laddie's college gear into our big van for a road trip to Boston/New York, I can attest to the speeding up of time thing. I'm glad to know that you experience it too, so it IS a thing then.

    On our lengthy drive I made Coach read this post. He was like 'did you write this?' because of the offspring camaraderie thing - Laddie has been particularly intolerable during this trip. Ah, but your post gives me hope . . . one day, perhaps, maybe, they will all enjoy each other's company - not just the 4 youngest ones. Dare to dream!

    Totally enjoyed this, thanks for sharing! Hope your camping trip is a hit! Our camping adventures always supply me with tons of blogging content - looking forward to reading yours.

  7. Racing corgis? WTF???
    I know exactly what you mean, the joy that comes from watching your tribe enjoy each other. It's the absolute best.
    Bless you as you travel with your Rachel on her birthday.

  8. Hey! I was in Seattle last week too. It was very hot, and the smoke from BC being on fire meant that the view of the mountains was very hazy. I didn't see the corgis, either.

  9. Come home soon! Miss you posting!