Tuesday, August 29, 2017

City Of Ice

It's raining this morning, which provides me with just the excuse I need not to go out and stagger/jog/walk for a mile, pretending to be fit and athletic. Considering I was up half the night with an unsettled stomach, I am definitely welcoming this reprieve.

No, I don't know what's wrong with me. But I have to feel better by tomorrow morning, because that's when I have yet another dentist appointment (the one I had to postpone earlier this month when I had the head cold from hell) for yet another crown. I feel desperate to get this thing behind me, because I hate dental work. Unlike everyone else in the world, I guess...

Also, it's always fun spending a thousand dollars in one fell swoop. And, heck, why spend that sort of money on something enjoyable when you can use it to have someone drill in your mouth?

Seen in Acadia, not Paris
(Note the cobwebs)

Speaking of which (spending money, that is), 2 weeks ago, when Rachel was complaining about her forced attendance on our camping trip to one of the world's more beautiful places, a place where she gets to eat ice cream and pastries to her heart's delight, I said, "You know, as a kid, I never went ANYWHERE during the summers. I was jealous of all my friends who got to go somewhere, even if it was the same place every year. I don't know how to help you with this. Is there someplace you'd rather go? The beach, maybe?"

And my darling daughter,  number 5 of 6 kids who have NOT been raised extravagantly and who supposedly know the value of a dollar, said, "My friend got to go to PARIS!"

Paris? Paris is in my MOUTH. Maybe that friend's dad is my dentist. Who knows?

Paris. Sheesh. I'm still excited about our automatic ice maker, people. Kids today...


  1. Whoa. Kid had better think about going into a very lucrative career...!

  2. Yeah, just what is the deal with these people taking these children on these very expensive vacations? All I wanted was to go to camp. Not even sleep away camp (oh, I would have LOVED that) but to just go somewhere other than home or to relatives.

    Hope you feel better and good luck with that crown!

  3. My daughter was so mad that we didn't take her with us to Hawaii. I told her the first time I ever got to go was when I was 35 years old. And that was the trip she was complaining about not going on.

  4. Hahahahahaha I seriously belted out a belly laugh. Every time I go to the dentist I say how we are making another payment on the dentist's Mercedes. Maybe it's just a trip for his kids to Paris though ;)