Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hello! Still Here!

I spent all yesterday afternoon lying on the couch, but I have no idea whether I was sick or just exhausted from getting ready to host Bunco Monday evening. In the meantime, the privilege of driving Rachel to Civil Air Patrol, waiting 2 hours, and then driving her home was foisted off onto Larry, who had been up since 6 AM and who put in a full day of work while his wife languished.

I mean, in case you ever wonder who's getting the short end of the stick here...

Despite my ailment, I ended up driving Brian and a friend to youth group, which was actually a bad idea, but I felt guilty not holding up our end of the carpool obligations and it still wasn't as bad since I got to go straight home.

My hands are getting tired typing this. I want to lie down.

The plus side of having Bunco Monday night was that, when I was non-functional the next day, the whole house was clean and there was plenty of food in the fridge. It's a win!

It was a busy weekend (I mean, busy in a middle-aged, suburban sort of way, not a 20-something having fun sort of way): Larry's sister stopped by en route from Texas, so I actually had to make a real dinner Friday night. It was pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

How about that juxtaposition of wine glass and
IKEA cups, eh? Pretty darn classy

It was Mexican shredded chicken and a black bean thing and asparagus that had not yet managed to rot in my black hole of a refrigerator. All perfectly complemented by the gaily decorated plates I found on the discount shelf at Target years ago...these have inexplicably survived at least 5 years in our home, which I think is some sort of a record.

And then I went off and spent my weekend doing stuff and unintentionally ignored our guest. There was yoga and knitting and all the other ways I distract myself from the existential angst that is always lurking there, just under the surface of my overactive psyche. There was (who would've guessed it?) driving a teen to an activity Saturday evening.

And then, of course, there was the darn time change this weekend, which you would have thought was an airplane trip over 10 time zones, the way my body reacted. I mean, seriously, all Sunday afternoon - when I should have been cleaning up the house for Bunco (have I mentioned Bunco yet? Suburban much?) - I was whining about how I couldn't get anything done. I ended up sorting through my living room yarn collections and carting half of it up to my room, but that was about it.

This looks normal, right? Tell me this looks normal.

Living room yarn collections are definitely a thing.  They impart that cozy yarn shop vibe to your very own home. Try it!

Oh, and while I'm talking about yarn (funny how that happens), check out what my friend bought for me in the airport in Iceland:

Now, I'm not much of an overseas traveler, but I've decided Iceland is one country that has its priorities straight (I mean, yarn in an airport!) and therefore merits a visit. Bonus: Larry can't possibly make us take the camper there. Sign me up!


  1. Yarn in the living room is totally normal (and yours looks much more decorative than I usually manage), and yarn in an airport would make me want to go there, too!

  2. The time change is rough. Couple that with Bunco and it's no wonder that you stayed on the couch on Tuesday. I had a hard time waking up today too!

  3. Oh that time change!
    I took a three hour nap yesterday!

  4. I love those plates! What is it about hosting something that puts me under? It ain't just the cleaning. There is an emotional exhaustion that lasts... Thanks again

  5. Two of my kids went to Iceland and enjoyed it immensely. But they didn't say anything about yarn.

    I am feeling wiped out today, which I attribute to a combination of the #&$^#% time change and also standing outside in the soul-numbing wind and cold, in two political protests.

  6. You have a yarn nook! I think that is perfect. I miss bunco (does this mean I am not suburban?) and I'm not sure if my exhaustion is from the time change or politics. Ugh.

  7. Your table and your knitting look pretty.
    Iceland is on my bucket list. It sounds pretty fab.