Monday, March 19, 2018

Knitter's Block

Okay, so I haven't knit ANYTHING since Friday, when I managed to finish this tube cowl:

Shepherd's Wool Crazy, my yarn infatuation

That's 72 hours of not knitting, people. I don't even know what is wrong with me. But my St. Patrick's Day socks got stalled out, because I dropped a wrapped stitch on the heel and can't find it. This is a very bad thing. BAD. So I have to wait for one of my more skilled knitting friends to help me. And I've got one-and-a-half sleeves done on my first-ever sweater, but I don't seem to be working on that right now. And I've got a sock-yarn-remnant blanket that's waiting for me, also, but nothing is happening there, either.

Probably the solution is to start an entirely new project, is what I'm thinking. Yeah, that's it. Something new. More socks, maybe?

While I was out and about today, I noticed this magnet on a car in the parking lot of a local bank:

I think I know the right answer to this one

Technically correct, but the message still seems a bit harsh, don't you think? I mean, for something promoting kindness?

I had to hold an HOA board meeting in my house this evening. I also had to cook dinner, because all the kids were actually home and everyone's been eating leftovers for forever, what with Bunco last week and then my trip over the weekend. So I made pot roast and baked potatoes and oven-roasted asparagus, assuming that Larry would be home in time to help me get the kitchen in order so I could take care of the paperwork needed for the meeting.

He wasn't. He called at 6 and said he'd be late. I had to go into hyperdrive and start ordering the children around like a maniac and now they probably hate home-cooked dinners.

That asparagus was really good, though.


  1. So take home message might be to not cook? Sigh. I realized years ago that I only yell when we are late for something. Obviously you need a new project.

  2. The new project should involve buying new yarn because...YARN!

  3. All these unfinished projects are making me a little nervous. Please finish them before you start something new!

    I'm also the person who can not start a new book until the one I'm reading is finished. People are always showing pictures of what they are reading by showing a huge stack of books on their nightstand and it gives me the hives thinking about them trying to read all those books at the same time.

  4. I'm sure the asparagus WAS delicious!

    If it's any consolation, the only way I get my family to get it in gear is to start barking orders...must be a mom/wife thing.

  5. My take on the sticker is if you're mean to animals you're an evil person.

    I'm home sick today. That means I get to wash dishes and do laundry.