Thursday, March 01, 2018

Vowels Are Important, Redux

Heading to the basement last night to throw in a load of laundry, I spotted Brian settling in for some late-night TV viewing in our family room. "What are you watching?" I asked, hoping it was something I'd like.

"Everything Sex," he said.


"Everything Sex," he repeated, looking annoyed.

Now, granted, I don't monitor his TV viewing much. I mean, how? If I banned something on the TV, he'd watch it on his laptop in his room without my knowing, if he really wanted to. And in another 6 months, at college? He'll be able to watch whatever the heck he wants.

Watch at your own risk

So, yeah, I adhere more to the BE AWARE philosophy - that is, know what he's watching so we can discuss it. Still, Everything Sex? Looked to me as if a serious talk was now necessary.

"So, uh, what's that about?" I asked, not really wanting to know.

"It's a 90s show about high schoolers," Brian said, looking annoyed at the parental interrogation.

I took a deep breath. "Look, hon, you DO know that high schoolers aren't really having much sex, don't you? Or if they are, they probably shouldn't be?"

"What?" said Brian, looking confused.

"I mean, a show about high school sex definitely isn't realistic," I continued. Gosh darn it, why can't I sound more intelligent when I talk to the kids about these things?

"WHAT are you talking about?" asked Brian, staring at me as if I had 2 heads.

"What are YOU talking about?" I said. "Isn't the show called Everything Sex?"

Brian smiled. "Everything Sucks," he said. "SUCKS."

Well, never mind then...


  1. Hahahaha oh poor you. I try, really try to monitor my kids' tv, browsing, gaming, etc. But I am probably more in the " be barely aware" category of parenting. How can you monitor well when they have the internet in their pocket? I've also tried to keep the internet out of their pockets. Dumb phones (non smart phones) that actually work are pretty hard to find nowadays. We've been through three with my daughter.

    1. Yes, we're paying more to maintain Susie's flip phone than we would if we gave her a smartphone. Yet we persist. We need that illusion of control, you know?

  2. Oh my! This is hilarious! We have all the channels blocked . . . until the kids figure out the code. Eddie was embarrassed when he hosted friends in the basement for the superbowl. The TV locked them out at the end of the game for a minute. He ran upstairs and asked us to unlock the channel. Oops!

  3. LOL!
    Sounds like something that would happen in this house!!!!
    Thanks for the smile today!

  4. That made me laugh. So funny and REAL.