Larry and I actually managed to see a movie together Sunday. I know! It's almost as if we were mature adults with control over our own schedules, right? We saw The Post, a paean to old-fashioned newspaper reporting and publishing if I ever saw one. I swear, the lengthy close-ups of type-setting and printing presses bordered on journalism porn.

I loved it.

And then Monday was a day off, and darned if I have the faintest idea what I did that day. Ditto for Tuesday. But Wednesday, a friend and I decided we were still young and energetic enough to drive 3 hours with our girls to visit an historical site we'd been meaning to take them to for a year or so now. And then 3 hours back, because we decided it was a great idea for a day trip.

That's 6 hours of driving, people - I did the math. But hey, it's worth it to get the girls to learn about our nation's history, all while having fun, right?

Wait, I just asked Susie what she liked - was it seeing an actual cannonball emb…


Let it be known that, in over 26 years of parenting, I have never had the dubious pleasure of hosting a slumber party. Never.

Until tonight. Tonight Rachel has 4 friends over, and the whole experience is surreal. Who are these people? Why are they in my house? And why are they so loud?

Seriously, this house has been kids' friends central for about 2 decades, but no one has ever been this noisy. They'd go downstairs and play and half the time I didn't even know who was down there and who wasn't. But these teens tonight (including my Rachel)? Are being SO LOUD. Luckily, I can get 2 floors away from them to sleep, but still -- it's disturbing to have all this noise in my house at 11 PM.

In other words, I'm old.

Bright side - Rachel cheerfully cleaned her room and helped tidy the rest of the house in preparation for the party. That's one teen that works well with a little motivation. As for myself, I went above and beyond by purchasing ingredients for ice cream…

Team Señor Rico

Larry's still away, which means all kid transportation has fallen in my lap. It's been a ridiculous amount of driving and logistics. So ridiculous that when Rachel said, "Oh, hey, there's this thing Sunday...", I shouted "NO! NO DRIVING!"and she pretty much backed out of the room.

At least I'm making sure the kids miss their father, right?

As for me, I'll admit I've been enjoying having the bedroom all to myself, since that means I can pile yarn and half-done knitting projects on the bed and leave them there until I'm good and ready to put them away. Also, my OWN bathroom - no feeling guilty about all the exfoliators and facial moisturizers and anti-wrinkle products scattered on the vanity every morning. And, no, I have no idea if the products I bought at Costco last week are actually working. I probably should have used them on only one side of my face, if I wanted to be scientific about it. Why didn't I think of that? I don't k…

Miracle Cream, Hypochondria, And A Dearth Of Kittens

In case you were wondering just what a midlife crisis looks like when it takes place in Costco, this would be it:

Yeah, those items somehow found their way into my cart. Supposedly, the cream on the left takes only a week to start working; so I assume when Larry comes home from his 10-day business trip, he won't even recognize me.

Also, I managed to mail that book to Lisa G. the VERY NEXT DAY! This type of punctuality is unheard of in the history of this blog, so then I spent the next 5 days congratulating myself on my efficiency and didn't realize until, um, NOW that I've been neglecting you all.

So, hi! Currently I am telling myself that the obvious cold and/or flu symptoms I'm experiencing are nothing. NOTHING. Tomorrow I will wake up hale and hearty, as all I need are copious amounts of orange juice and a good night's sleep to beat this thing back.

I HAVE to beat this thing, actually. Larry's away, which means I'm in charge of all teen transportation ar…

We Have A Winner!

I'm supposed to be finishing up with the cooking of tonight's dinner (something different to do with carrots, anyone?), so that's why I'm talking at you instead.

I remembered this morning that I am holding a giveaway for the Yarn Harlot's book Knitting Rules. I had completely forgotten, so - again - it's a good thing I'm not a big-time blogger (do those exist anymore, even?) that people actually expect things from. Anywhoo, I dialed up the trusty old random number generator and it gave me a 3, which translated into Lisa G. in CT winning the book.

Lisa G. in CT, come on down! Or just email me ( to give me your address, okay?

Whew, that was exciting. What was also exciting is that I managed to finish binding off my January project at the stroke of midnight yesterday (okay, okay, at the stroke of 12:01, actually). I held it up in front of the mirror (my arms are too short to properly view it straight on) to appreciate it's beautiful col…


My favorite month is ending and there's nothing I can do about it. From here on out, the year picks up speed, careening through birthdays and holidays until it slams right into December, with all its Christmas cheer and concomitant festive requirements. Dammit, I might as well start writing 2019 on my checks RIGHT NOW.

Ironically, as my life is speeding by at breakneck speed, I'm slogging away at a snail's pace on my January project, which HAS to be finished by tomorrow because I don't want it to drag into February. We knitters have deadlines, you know.

The name of the pattern is Pure Joy; but I'm telling you, this pile of yarn is anything BUT that right now. The problem with these crescent shawls is that they are deceptive. They lure you in with a seemingly harmless nine-stitch cast on, but then they increase every other row, which means those last five rows take FOREVER.

Of course, that's not the only thing I knit this month.  That would be boring. Also, I wo…

Surprisingly Mundane

Oh, hi! Just sitting here wondering where my weekend went. And you?

Larry drew the short straw, as it were, and had to spend his weekend driving a bunch of Civil Air Patrol cadets (including our very own Rachel) 3 hours away to do whatever it is they do when they spend the weekend together. Drills, physical training, saluting practice...

That left me here holding down the fort. Happily, since the 2 kids left here with me were 12 and 17 (crazy but true), "holding down the fort" meant going about my normal life, occasionally texting to make sure everyone was okay. So I went to yoga Saturday AND Sunday morning, and hung out with friends Saturday AND Sunday afternoon.

I'd feel guilty about the easy life I am leading at present, but then I remember that I spent, oh, 16 YEARS not getting anything remotely resembling a full night's sleep and I don't feel guilty AT ALL. And that's not even counting all the barf clean-up I've done over the years.

I probably just j…