Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Name That Post ('Cause I Can't)

Today Rachel turned 6 and, to celebrate, she had her first real birthday party. A real party, meaning people other than family were invited. I ran around the house all morning, cleaning up and ordering the kids to do the same. My bedroom looks like a storage closet because I grabbed all the clutter on the main floor and shoved it up there before the festivities commenced.

It ain't pretty, but it works. Heloise, I'm not.

While Rachel was opening her presents, I commented to my neighbor that it was such a funny coincidence that everyone gave Rachel Hello Kitty stuff and here we had Hello Kitty napkins, plates, etc., for the party. Whereupon my neighbor pointed out that the Hello Kitty invitations that we sent out last week may have just possibly tipped everyone off.

Oh, yeah...I forgot about that.

Anna decorated the cake (and I am so very grateful) and helped Rachel stuff the loot bags. She also hid the loot bags for for the treasure hunt. And she painted Rachel's nails with the Hello Kitty nail polish she bought Rachel for her birthday. For a while there, it felt just like the good old days living with the not-adolescent Anna; that is, until I had the temerity to ask her a simple question, and she looked at me as if I had just passed gas in her face. Oh, well...

I have a dental appointment tomorrow morning. This would be the appointment that is replacing the one I totally blew off a couple of weeks ago. So now I am worried that the dentist may still be angry. And he has all those sharp, pointy instruments lined up, waiting for me...

So I would like to go to bed early this evening, but I know better. I tried to do that last night, but I swear that Larry waits until I get up there to start snoring. Actually, he waits until I have just fallen asleep to start snoring.

So I hit him.

And then he has the nerve to act like he doesn't even know what's going on. Let me tell you, I don't believe him for a minute. This is just his passive-aggressive way of getting back at me for making him get rid of his ugly chair last December.

Marriage can be complicated like that.


  1. Just be thankful that Larry's way of getting back at you does not involve passing gas in your face. And chin up: if you got an hour or two of non-adolescent Anna, the first rays of dawn may be timorously cracking your hellish horizon.

  2. I totally hit my husband to get him to stop snoring. Most times he doesn't catch me but sometimes he does and I'm all, WHAT? you are SNORING! What ELSE am i supposed to do?

  3. Happy birthday Rachel! And I'm so happy for you that you at least got a glimpse of Anna as she used to be, it's a Festivus Miracle!

    Good luck with the snoring. I find that I can sleep through a lot.

  4. You will not need to worry about your dentist and his sharp, pointy tools if you have your sharp, pointy knitting needles in your hand and can knit by touch while he has his hands between your eyes and your knitting.

    Just sayin'.

  5. My husband likes to pretend that he doesn't snore either. Drives me crazy!

  6. At least you got to experience some of the "old" Anna again. Just remember days like today to get you through the rest of them.

    And my husband doesn't snore most nights - but boy is he a bed hog! The other night I woke up and had to beg him to get off MY pillow!!

  7. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad that Anna gave the gift of herself at this one, if even briefly.

  8. Hubby is in denial about his snoring as well...
    Hope the B-Day girl had a very happy Birthday-my lilest bean LOVES Hello Kitty

  9. The Saint got a CPAP machine for his "sleep apnea". He says he doesn't think he sleeps any better but that the bruising has been significantly reduced. :)

  10. It drives me up the wall - the worst thing is that they seem to have no idea that they're timing their snoring for just as you're falling asleep.

  11. The post can be called The party and the snotty teenager.

    Har, har.

    Or not.

    Well, anyhow, happy birthday to the little one and sorry about the older one. Her attitude may stop when she's around...25 maybe?

  12. Sounds like a great party! Both in that Rachel had a nice birthday and that Anna put aside the teen years if even for a moment. I can't comment on the dentist as I have horrific moments tied to going there.

  13. Actually, you're doing Larry a favor. snoring can be bad for his health. And you want him to be healthy, don't you?

  14. Happy Birthday Rachel.

    Larry, stop snoring. We can hear you all the way in California . . . oh, wait, that's my husband. I'll go smack him.

  15. My husband is the same with the snoring! Well, until I made him get a sleep study and a mouthpiece. Now all I hear is SILENCE.
    You had a PARTY? With other people and KIDS there? Ugh. You are a brave woman. I did that once and called it a day. Never again. ;)

  16. my husband is the worlds worse snorer!!!! it drives me absolutely CCCRRRAAAAZZZYYYYYYY!!!! once i videotaped him and he thought it was hysterical!!!!

  17. So glad to know I'm not the only one who hits (kicks, whatever) their snoring husband. A person does have to sleep, right? (that's me justifying). Anyway, thanks for laugh and the justification!

  18. I'm wondering if you get a sneak peek of what adolescence will be like when your child turns four and if so, boy are we in for a real humdinger.

    My husband's snoring drives me nuts too, but nothing compares to being roused from a peaceful sleep by the insane growling Rottweiler.

  19. Happy Birthday to AKA Rachel!! And good luck at the dentist's. I schedule cleanings for me and the boys all together--that's coming up next month. It's like a marathon. Next time we'll have a baby with us. Marathon + circus, most likely.

  20. When are you going to learn your place woman?!

    Happy Belated Birthday to Rachel.

  21. Heloise i am not either. I totally stuff everything in my room in order to have a party too. THen I have to lock the door so no one goes in ansd I am way embarrised.
    "Passed gas in her face" too funny!



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