Friday, August 15, 2008

All Over The Place

I walked into the den today just in time to behold Brian about to wallop Rachel over the head with a bolster. Good mother that I am, I yelled: "Watch out for that lamp!"

Just another sign that I may be a little jaded on this parenthood thing...

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This news is blowing my mind. Let me see, we banned lead paint in housing almost 30 years ago; but we just got around to banning it in toys? I can't be reading this right. Someone explain it to me, will ya? Thanks.


  1. Wait, lead in toys is bad? No way! In that case there really ought to be a law or something.

  2. Bolsters are soft, heads are hard to break. Lamps on the other hand, break very easily. I totally see your logic here! But of course, my six have done me in.

  3. Jozet at HalushkiAugust 16, 2008

    Lamp nothing! I'd be worried about the bolster exploding!

    And yes, the lead toy thing is a bit astounding. In fact, I think that up until last year, lead was actually a "vitamin and mineral" additive in most kids' cereals.

  4. I once asked my son's friend to move away from the rug while he was bleeding from his head. Not that I wasn't concerned, but if I had to pay to have the pool table moved so I could replace the rug . . .

  5. I would have made the lamp comment too. We have our priorities.

  6. That is the news that is blowing your mind? I got on yesterday for my weekly dose of U.S. news and saw that someone has found a bigfoot colony! Wha..? Just what is going on over there?

  7. That whole lead thing just kills me. It's like "oh yeah, what about the stuff the kids are putting in their MOUTHS???" Ugh.
    I've been known to yell "don't get that blood on the floor!" :) Perhaps I should HELP them clean up the blood? ;)

  8. Yep, I would have been concerned about the lamp, too. And like Jenn, I have asked kids not to bleed on my floors, so much so that even when my daughter needed stitches in her head she was more concerned that she bled on the deck.

    By the way, I linked you and your fridge mania over at my place today!

  9. I love it! I told my kids the other day "GO BLEED OUTSIDE!" when they were roughhousing and it got out of control with a bloody nose.

    This must be the definition of jaded parenting. ;-)

  10. yes, we have a 'brillant' governement. at least they also banned phthalates, so in 10 years they won't look foolish for waiting so long. Yes, we knew it was dangerous, so we banned it in paint, because we all know kids go around drinking the stuff and chewing on walls. But it's okay in toys, after all they just play with them. And we will add some phthalates to make it easier to fit the toy in thier mouth. It's brillance!
    Okay, off my soap box, and out to go shopping.

  11. I too have shown more concern over household items during a fight between children--sometimes it's best to give up and let them do the fighting for us!

    No comment on the lead. Too appalling.

  12. I don't deal well with blood. My kids have been trained well. They tell big sister or Dad when they need injuries cleaned and bandaged.

    See, being cheap and keeping toys for 20 years is a good trai. The old stuff is probably safe than the new stuff.

  13. I totally understand your comment. If he had hit her and she got hurt, she would get better eventually. The human body is amazing in it's ability to heal itself.
    The lamp, however, would never be the same.



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