Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sick For The Holidays

We had a typically festive weekend for our family - after attending Christmas Eve Mass in all our holiday finery, we came home and watched Rachel throw up repeatedly.  Yes, folks, just as I was getting my appetite back, I got to witness a puke-fest.  That weight just keeps a-droppin'!  The only bright side is that I had just stepped out to deliver a loaf of cranberry bread to our next-door neighbor when the barf machine started up.  Larry had to handle it, thus assuring that he will fall prey to this stomach bug also.

David managed to break our router on Thursday, meaning we have had no wireless for 3 days.  I've tried to be brave for the children, but even the little ones know something is gravely amiss.  No phone, no IPod Touch, no second computer.  It's been hell.  Think Donner Party, but with less food....

And now the library is kicking me out.  I've become a vagabond, having to search for my next wireless fix in order to keep all my Words with Friends games going.  Whither next?  A Starbucks, perhaps?


  1. I spent the day in bed, trying to avoid sickness. I fear it is a losing battle. Last night the 15yo took 3 bites of dinner and put himself to bed. So far, no puke-fest. Yet.

    Get healthy soon!

  2. No wireless? It's a Christmas nightmare!

  3. Don't panic -- there's always McDonald's parking lot!!

    Good luck getting everyone well again, and think how much money you're saving on Weight Watchers...

  4. My husband spent Christmas night throwing up. I'm trying not to be resentful--he spent most of today lying on the couch under blankets, but when I came down with this, he was in Europe, and I was single-handedly responsible for taking care of all the children. I need to time my illnesses better.

    He's doing ALL the shoveling tomorrow.

  5. We always get sick at Holidays! What's up with that?

    I was happy to realize, while at Christmas Eve Mass, that we finally have a family full of kids who can sit through Christmas Eve Mass -- and all the other Masses, too! No more sweaty wrestle fests for me! Of course, we have not attempted Midnight Mass yet, like we used to do pre-kids. We'll get there someday.

    Hope you all feel better...

  6. Clearly I must be crazy- because I feel a bit JEALOUS of the fact that you have dropped pounds... ( what's a little puke, when it means you can get skinny?!)And I need to be honest I have NO IDEA what I would do without a wireless router .. i give you major props for not tearing up the joint!

  7. No internet plus puking children has now become my greatest fear.

  8. Ugh. Throw up. The worst. I'd rather clean up poop a million times than clean up puke. And on that note, Merry Christmas!

  9. Feeling your pain. Well, I didn't have anyone puking, but we were w/out computer for a WEEK. Oh. the. HORROR!

  10. Three days? No freaking way.

    "Think Donner party, with less food."

    You really ARE sick! In a good way.

  11. I'm a nurse and I still can't deal with puke in the household. Human puke or pet puke. It all gets delegated to the hubs.

    Crap your pants and I'm on it. Puke and you're on your own.


  12. How did he break the router? Mine frequently forgets what it is doing, like every 2 or three months. I have to reset the modem and router, then set them up again. It's a pain, I have no idea what causes it, but I can fix it...



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