Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm A Slow Learner

I've been keeping up with all my favorite blogs every day but not writing here.  You all entertain and amuse me, and I'll just sit here.

No, no, that can't be right.

Anywhoo, I spent my time today trying to replace all the contacts in my cellphone.  My NEW cellphone.  Because the OLD cellphone is lying in a storm drain in a parking lot at our town's shopping center.  The storm drain next to what I used to consider the BEST parking space in the whole lot.

Really, I should have known better - I lost a crochet hook down that same storm drain once.  I swear, it's like I get out of the car and stand there shaking my purse upside down over the sewer grating.  But I don't.  I think there is some sort of magnet down there.

Actually, I almost lost my keys down there once, too.  You'd think I'd park elsewhere, wouldn't you?  But what are the odds?  I thought.  What are the odds that I would drop something else in that VERY SAME SPOT?

Apparently, the odds were pretty good.


  1. Ah sad! My husband dropped his new phone in the reservoir once. I was so pissed! No getting that one back haha.

  2. That storm drain is like me with public toilets.

  3. So you replaced the contacts in your new phone? I didn't know they had eyes . . .

  4. Oh, no! But at least you get a new phone. I'm still stuck with the hand-me-down phone I obtained back in June. (Inertia is as powerful a force as the magnet in your storm drain.)

  5. Actually, the odds are good because if you drop something at another parking spot, you just pick it up and put it back in your purse.

  6. Bummer about the crochet hook --you just never know when you're going to need one of those. I hope you made sure to put another one in your purse!

  7. There is a sewer hole at the street corner of my best friend's house - I sometimes think my car could fall into it. I won't park near it, but I continue to walk over it after I get out of the car - while holding tight to everything I have in my hands (phone, keys, purse,...) - do I walk around it - just 1 foot away, no, for some reason, I must walk over it.

  8. If you aren't writing here, where are you writing?

  9. That was a misplaced adverb - I don't know how it snuck in there. That's what happens when I try to blog quickly! I'm not writing anywhere - and I hate that.

    1. SC, I hate it when you're not writing anywhere, too!

  10. I was supposed to give someone a whole bunch of pictures. And i figured the easiest way was to buy a flash drive, load it up, and hand it over. But when I saw the size of the flash drive i would have to buy to make the transfer in one jump, I started thinking about how much money i was willing to lose if he never gave the flash drive back, or if I dropped the flash drive down a sewer - yes, the exact scenario I envisioned was dropping it down a sewer. So i decided to buy a flash drive half that size, half the cost, and make two transfers (and probably a third, with more pictures by the time we're done with this project). I loaded up half the pictures, and went to the next meeting to make the hand-off. When I parked the and opened my door, I looked down and saw the biggest sewer grate yawning up at me, and I froze with fear.....Can i get out, and stand up without that flash drive jumping out of my pocket and into that sewer?

  11. Make sure you save all your contacts to your SIM card (or back them up online). I didn't do that with the last phone I dropped on the hardwood floor. The screen stopped working and so I couldn't see anything. Had to get a new phone and transferred the SIM card and WHAT?! Where are my contacts?! "Did you save your contacts to your SIM card?" asks the T-Mobile guy. Whoops. Now I know. Just in case next time your drop your phone and it lands somewhere like the pavement...or hardwood floor.



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