Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Build A Better Mousetrap Already

To me, this does not say "cute"
There is a mouse that sounds about the size of a cocker spaniel running in the ceiling above my head.  Or, to put it another way, just below the floor of the room where my 2 little girls are sleeping.  What happens if it chews its way out?  Larry may discover just how loudly I can scream.

Stupid rodent. 

And what good is my pest control gigolo if he can't fix this problem, anyway?


  1. This has gone viral and it's pretty funny, about a snoring dormouse:


    Also? Mice really aren't fond of humans.

    1. I refuse to look at that video. "adorable dormouse" is an oxymoron.

  2. Mice are only cute in cartoons and in cages. Good luck - we have two cats and no mice...in the house. The camping trailer? Last winter it was mouse party land. This winter, we're trying those electronic anti-mice gizmos, though I've heard mixed results. And dryer sheets, and steel wool, and basically everything I could find on the internet. No traps though. If you forget to check them...ew!

  3. "the married man is anxious about worldly affairs, how to please his wife," because she's screaming. And it looks like she's calling him a "stupid rodent."

    1. The mouse, not Larry! And the family has named him Mickey.

    2. Has named the mouse "Mickey" - not Larry. Larry is perfectly happy with the name he has already.

  4. We had a similar scampering noise the other day. I'm keeping a sharp eye where I step in the morning, because one of our cats is a fearsome hunter. Of course if the mouse is brighter than the last 7 mice, he's caught a whiff of cat and has moved on.

  5. NOTHING cute about mice. I don't care how Disney tries to spin them. They're about as charming as roaches or mosquitoes.

  6. If is sounds like a cocker spaniel, are you sure it's not a squirrel up there? Not to worry you or anything . . . :-)

    Personally, I think that picture you found of a mouse is one of the most adorable creatures I've ever seen, but then, I kind of like mice. Except when they chew on the electrical wires.

  7. I hate mice and that picture might just give me nightmares.

    Thanks for letting me stand on this chair with you.

    But, um, Cassi has a point... squirrels are noisy... (written by someone who once spent the weekend under the noise of attic insulation being torn down in a squirrel house party)

  8. We have two cats who sit and watch the wall, stare at the sink, watch the crack by the tub,... but refuse to catch the mouse or mice. Someone in knitting informed me that they were probably union cats and their job is to only find the mice. It was added that they probably have a crockpot of chili cooking in the backroom.

    I have given up and put Decon in various locations that the cats nor dogs can get into. Knock wood - after a week, I haven't heard gnawing in the ceiling.

    Let me say that it got pretty bad for me to get to the point to poison them. I just didn't care anymore.

    (For the cottage to keep mice out we put mint oil on cotton balls and put them where we saw the pellets or at least one in every room. We change them out every month or so. And steel wool in any cracks that looks like a mouse can get through. Since we started this routine up north - I haven't found a pellet on the counter or anywhere else.)

  9. Hm. No boys willing to take it on? (And when can the gigolo make it go away?!)

  10. The mouse is not cute, maybe he's adorable?

  11. I haven't seen many live mice since we got the cats. However, stepping on a dead mouse the cats left us for a present, barefoot, early in the morning, sure wakes me up fast.

  12. Mice are really scary, and it is so irritating to hear their sounds. Well, better to get rid of that mouse right away. If you think the mousetrap you built is not enough, try using peppermint oil. It is a natural deterrent that will keep the rodents away.


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