Friday, January 27, 2012

Waffle Fries - Friend Or Foe?

--- 1 ---

Judging from the comments yesterday, I am not the only one who has issues with losing things down sewer gratings.  I seem to have hit a nerve.  Also, I'm not the first person on earth who has had to replace a cellphone.  Who knew?

--- 2 ---

You know you want some...
We ate 2 meals at ChikFilA today.  Don't get all judge-y on me.  I wasn't about to let some good coupons go to waste.

--- 3 ---

Homemade pizza for lunch, though - with carrots on the side.  Does that balance things out?

--- 4 ---

We had a hair conditioner leak today which was reminiscent of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  It is EVERYWHERE.  And the entire vanity cabinet reeks of Floral Essence.  I blame my teenager.  The girl one, that is...

--- 5 ---

Susie, my youngest, has finally learned how to play Dutch Blitz.  Glory, hallelujah,  I will never have to play another boring card game like War again.  And the more we play Dutch Blitz, the more Anna can feel justified in her belief that we practically raised her Amish.

--- 6 ---

Meaning, our 8-year-olds aren't walking around with personal cellphones.  And we don't have cable TV.  The children are, however, allowed to wear zippers.

--- 7 ---

Jennifer would never take her kids to ChikFilA twice in one day.  At least, she'd never admit to it.  For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

[Waffle fries image: NCSU Dining]
[Dutch Blitz cards image: Almost Amish]


  1. If you teach Susie poker you can also avoid having to pay an allowance AND put the Amish-thing to rest once and for all...

    1. Apparently, Julia, you missed the post detailing how I traumatized Susie at poker, when she was but a wee lass of 4. And you may also have missed how Susie inadvertently outed our family's poker-playing proclivities to the other Girl Scout moms. And let us not forget the American Girl doll poker den incident (although, truth to tell, I think it was Rachel, and not Susie, who came up with that idea).

      In short, Susie is no stranger to poker. She's just not very good at it (yet).

      Poker has an honored place in this blog of mine, apparently.

  2. I want to learn how to play Dutch Blitz! Please teach me!

    1. Best. Game. Ever. But I didn't think it was legal for a homeschooling family NOT to know how to play it. We're on our second set of cards already. It's a rough game.

  3. LMAO on the zippers. Too funny.

  4. You can tell Anna that SubCasa has no TV of any kind, cable or otherwise. There are people who live in darker ages than her. But we do allow zippers too. And velcro.

  5. What is Dutch Blitz? We play a lot of Oh, Heck! and Wizard at our house. But then, we don't have cable TV, either.

    My husband is cracking down and instituting 5lb February two days early, which means I am now really craving those waffle fries.

  6. Those must have been amazing coupons; we could never afford to eat out twice in one day!

    I'm another clueless person who has never heard of Dutch Blitz. The cards are cute. Is it not suicide-inducing?

    1. It's fast and awesome. No taking turns!

      Good coupons, plus I only took a couple of kids each time...