Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Merit Badge Edition

--- 1 ---

Larry took the 2 younger boys skiing with the Boy Scouts.  That means I'm left here with the girls, all by my grown-up self, to sit up late at night and imagine someone is going to break into the house through the basement.  Sometimes I take a break from that and worry that I am going to see a ghost.  And there is always the possibility of another bat invasion...

--- 2 ---
This condo is looking better and better.

My point being, I need to be able to move into a tiny 1-bedroom unhaunted condo on the nights that Larry is gone.  That would suit me just fine.
--- 3 ---

Larry and I managed to have an argument just before he left.  No details need to be repeated here, as it was beyond stupid, as these things tend to be.  But, in that light, I vastly enjoyed Barefoot Foodie's little jeu d'esprit today on the subject of marital spats.

--- 4 ---

I don't know what "jeu d'esprit" means, actually.

--- 5 ---

Oh, look! The boys get a merit badge for skiing.  I'm thinking that no one gives ME merit badges.  I'm pretty sure I've earned a few in the past 2 decades.  Let's they have one for nagging the kids? Knitting? Listening to one's spouse talk about work?

--- 6 ---

There! I just taped up the gaps around the edges of the fireplace insert.  Take that, bats!  And that masking tape sure does look attractive against the white brick fireplace.  Maybe I'll snap a photo and start a home decorating blog.

--- 7 ---

Jennifer doesn't lie awake worrying about bats and burglars.  She just fears scorpions in her slippers.  For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!  In the meantime, I'll be looking up how to get my merit badge for bat infestation prevention.

[floor plan: timeshareorlando]
[skiing image: ecrater]


  1. The problem with that condo is the close proximity of the balcony window/door to the bedroom. I mean, someone could break in right next to you!
    You're welcome.

    (I don't sleep well when SuperDad is gone, either.)

    1. That is the same thing I thought when I looked at the condo picture.

  2. We often bicker right before my husband leaves, mainly because I get resentful, because I hate when he travels, because not only is everything harder but I miss him and I worry. I don't sleep at all during the overnight flights--the force of my worry and vigilance is required to keep the plane in the air.

  3. All you pussies who can't sleep alone when your husbands aren't home, I'VE BEEN DOING THAT WITHOUT A HUSBAND MY ENTIRE LIFE THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    And you know, or may have forgotten, the last few years at my old address, the TV, internet or stereo would turn themselves on in the middle of the night. It never happened the last year I lived there and hasn't happened in the new place and now I miss whoever was here. At least SOMEONE was here!

    1. Oh, I could sleep fine if I were in a nice tiny condo with NO INTRUDER-WELCOMING BASEMENT and NO BAT-ATTRACTIVE CHIMNEYS. I am enjoying this alone time very much. I mean, think about it - live with a person every single day for the rest of your life? That's almost nuts. I'm getting a well-deserved respite from arguing about paint colors and pizzelle placement.

  4. I kind of like it when my husband is gone, does that make me a bad person? ;)

  5. YOU CRACK ME UP! When The Man is away, mostly I worry about oversleeping. I swear, if there were no one to wake me, I'd sleep for weeks. Like a big old bear.

    1. Really? Your kids didn't wake you up? Sheesh. I had planned to sleep in today ALL THE WAY TO 8:00. But no, the children who normally are crying because I am making them get up at 7:30 were dancing around my bed before then announcing the measly inch of snow we got and demanding breakfast.

  6. My house was invaded by a BAT when my youngest was 9 months! We ended up getting the RABIES vaccine which is not a pleasant experience for any family of 6! Creepy, scary, flyee, little varmints! I hope you NEVER have a return of that cleverly written story.

    I love you posts and find myself laughing each time I visit your site!

    I am giving you this award:

    Read more about it and pass on the LOVE!

  7. I think you are brilliant to tape up the cracks around the fireplace. I think you should be awarded a merit badge. i never would have thought of something simple like that.

    I hate fighting right before dh leaves. I'm always afraid one of us will get killed and that will be the other's last memory. . . . .

  8. You should at last get a merit badge for making people laugh. It's a skill, and you've mastered it. Go knit yourself one.

  9. LOL@Lisa's comment! And she's right, too.

  10. jeu d'esprit = mind game

    And I'm not sure merit badges are spiffy enough for things like raising six children. Giant sparkly trophies, perhaps. Except they might need dusting.