Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bunko Clean

Sorry I went missing the past few days.  I had to host Bunko last night, which entailed a marathon cleaning session all day Monday.  Despite the daunting task before me, I tried to stay hydrated and calm; I even managed to institute a sort of relay event, wherein I would spot stray items in our living areas (the entire main floor) and call out a child's name, the name of the object, and the room to which said child should relocate said object.

ALL DAY, I had to do this.  I swear, we live like pigs.

Delicious, if I do say so myself...
Add to that the necessity of cleaning the top of the fridge (it was bad), clearing off the kitchen hutch, scrubbing the burned whatever off the stove top, and - oh, yeah, - PREPARING THE FOOD, and you can see we had the makings of a major housekeeping athletic event on our hands.  And I'd like to take a bow here - I still let the kids help bake the brownies and the mini cranberry muffins.  I did.  I am awesome.

Come to think of it, having been revved up to top speed since my feet hit the floor in the morning, I might have come off as slightly maniacal to my lovely guests.  The four Bunkos that I rolled didn't help.  Yup, the hostess won.  What a fantastic evening.

And my fellow slobs know the best part, right?  I woke up this morning to a CLEAN HOUSE, albeit with a kitchen littered with Bunko leftovers.  I fed the kids those leftovers all day.  Believe me, after yesterday?  They earned it.  And I sat around in my clean living room, gazing lovingly upon my uncluttered dining room hutch and yelling at the kids if they so much as left a pencil lying around.

They might as well get used to it -- no more Mrs. Nice Guy.  I'm not going back to that mess we were living in.  At least, not this week...

[cranberry muffins image: Fit WebMD]


  1. I clean like that too... then everything gets messy and I think "Didn't I *JUST* clean (a month or two ago)?"

  2. Sounds like a successful BUNKO night...

  3. I cleaned the stovetop last weekend and it is gunky already. I vacuum and minutes later, there's cat hair on the rug again. It never ends.

  4. I hear you. Sometimes I think we need to have people over more often so that we clean the house....

  5. For the past few evenings I feel like I have been hosting that same relay event. Each child has his/her own bedroom, so I don't understand their need to leave their stuff all over the house. Bravo to you for getting it all done, and now.... it's all done!

    Cranberry muffins - yum. I haven't gotten around to making any of those yet. I'm running out of time.

  6. We started cleaning tonight, but then I ran across old video tapes of my oldest daughter as a tiny baby and we all got sucked into cooing over baby movies. And now it's bedtime and nothing is done. Eh. I'll just have to find a way to be thankful for that!

  7. Could you please post the recipe for the cranberry muffins? I have been looking for a good and relatively easy one for some time.

  8. Our house desperately needs me to host a Bunko party. Except I don't know what Bunko is, so it'd have to be a pie party, or maybe a donut party.

    Or maybe we'll just pack our bags and flee the country...

  9. I will tell you what has helped us the most in hiding the fact that we live like pigs around here. Two of the kids has music lessons once a OUR house. I suggest scheduling something on a weekly basis at your house. It is your only hope. Really. But, never, I repeat, never, let anyone go upstairs...even if they have to go to the bathroom. That is where everything gets shoved to be ready for music lessons.

  10. Here's to winning big and "Bunko Clean." And leftovers.

  11. Doesn't it feel great?!!! Relax, soon enough they'll all be gone, and you can get away with vacuuming and dusting every 3 or 4 weeks. Nobody leaves their stuff where they're not supposed to leave it. The same food that you left in the refrigerator is still there when you get home. (This is not always a good thing.) I'm just here to give you a preview of the future. ;-)

  12. There's something about having company that makes the scales fall from your eyes and you see what's in the corners. Sounds like a great night. Happy Thanksgiving!



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