Thursday, November 29, 2012

Temporary Bliss

I've been swept up by my typical December knitting jag.  Socks! Scarves! Cowls!  It might be because Anna moved out and I have realized (a full 4 months later) that I now have an extra dresser.  A dresser that might be useful for, say, holding all the yarn and knitting notions I've been keeping stacked along my bedroom wall and hidden under a blanket.  A dresser that Larry, in his innocence, would assume was full of clothing....

Apparently, I'm not the only one who has thought of this...

 So, one happy day, I managed to sort through my entire stash and reorganize it and, well, hide it.  And then, as I have already related, I accomplished the Herculean task of cleaning up my house to host Bunko (permanently traumatizing my children in the process).  So now, not only can I find what I need in order to knit what I want, but there is also a nice tidy living room in which I can sit down and do just that. 

Allow me to gloat - I know that it isn't going to stay that way.  I just need to live inside this fantasy of mine for a little bit.   Reality can wait.

[Yarn image: Living Large With Less]


  1. Enjoy it while you can! (Also, I have many craft supplies and decorations stored in old dresser drawers. My husband knows about them, but still... out of sight, out of mind.)

  2. I'm liking the whole dresser idea...

  3. Every time I get my "sewing room" into usable shape, someone else comes along and piles their unwanted junk in there. I don't worry about what my husband thinks...he has the garage, after all!

  4. Heck, you need the entire dresser. Why does Larry need clothes anyway? Or perhaps you could knit him some...

  5. That's a great idea, to store the knitting supplies in a dresser vacated by an older child. Maybe it would even prevent that child from moving back in?

    I think I know how you feel - an elated "I can conquer the world" sort of feeling. That's how I feel when I have cleaned off my desk. It is VERY important to enjoy that feeling today. Right now!

  6. When my brother moved out (FINALLY) my mother kept his room exactly as it was. When I moved out (at a MUCH younger age), my mother turned my room into a sewing room immediately. (Note: Brother's room remained exactly as it was.)

    Which is to say, I hope somebody besides Theo is using Theo's dresser since he moved out...

    1. Ha! Theo's room was also the de facto guest room, so it remains that (for now). David is eyeing it, I know. It does have a lot of Theo's stuff in it still, but only because he has been on the move so much - I expect it all to be emptied when he heads out for his first duty station.

      Also? All our camping gear is stored in that closet. So, yeah, there's not much room for him to move back in.