Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kleenex Is My Friend

Way too tired to write coherently tonight.  That cold/sore throat thing Larry brought back from Chicago has more lives than a cat: I seem to be suffering a relapse, Susie is now hacking away all night, David was laid low for a day or two and thus couldn't work on persuading our new printer to get along with whatever weird Linux software he installed on our old desktop, and -- somewhere in there -- Brian was sick also.

Larry's fine now, though.  I know, you were worried.

To top it all off, today I left the kitchen table for only a few minutes (after watching Susie giggle through her lunch, despite her sore throat), only to hear Brian announce that Susie was standing in the bathroom and feeling sick.  Gingerly patting her on the back as she vomited into the toilet, I shouted, "WHY are you throwing up?  You aren't sick that way!"

We're using a lot of these.
Not one of my finer parenting moments, I'll admit.  And I do wish we hadn't had tuna for lunch.  

I have to try to get to sleep, although I'm sure Susie will wake me with her coughing in an hour or two.  (Although, let's face it, as long as she isn't vomiting, I shouldn't complain.)  I need to take Rachel to her tennis lesson tomorrow morning.  SHE's perfectly healthy, which makes me think she's made a deal with the devil.  I wouldn't put it past her...

[Kleenex image: IHeartKroger]


  1. Your household is the merry-go-round of illness!

    I recommend plenty of extra Vitamin C, and for you, a strong shot of whiskey and a hot cup of water or tea with lemon and honey.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with the statement, "as long as she isn't vomiting, I shouldn't complain." Just keep on repeating that, as necessary. By the way, your post from 2006 about dear, darling Rachel was too funny. We have been outwitted around here quite a few times too, which results in the furious stomping, ala Elmer Fudd you described, and then fits of giggles with each other in bed at night....and whispered conversations about how all of that....hmmmm....what do we call it??? Evil creativity? How can that be harnessed for good and what kind of career would fit in with those special....(ahem)... "gifts".

  3. I'm thinking maybe you and Larry should switch jobs for a while --maybe you'd have enough time away from germs to fully recover! :-)

  4. Bleah. Vomit. We are overdue for a good bout of vomit in our house. We are just all sniffles and coughs.

  5. I am waiting (cringing) for a similar illness to hit our household. Every day I say to myself, "Go get your flu shot" but every other task gets done except that one.

    Feel better soon.

  6. Don't take this the wrong way, but sometimes you make me happy I stopped at four :)

  7. I've been known to do that--yell at my kid for getting the "Wrong symptom." But when you feel miserable, you can't be held accountable for a crabby attitude.