Thursday, November 08, 2012

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Here is our President's acceptance speech, for those of you who might have missed it.  Or maybe you'd just like to hear it again.  I never get tired of it, myself.

Really, there's nothing more to add, is there?  Congratulations on your re-election, Mr. President! 


  1. Makes me proud to be an American. Such a moving speech. I can imagine people studying it in school a hundred years from now.

  2. A much-needed antidote to the Jezebel article on the racist tweets from election night. I wish I could unsee it.

  3. I just tripped into a racist blog by accident and made the mistake (I told myself after the last time I would never do this again, but) of leaving a little bitty comment. The mildest. Slightly reproachful. Whereupon he used my comment as the basis for a whole new blog post. Uh, he was not contrite. It always shakes me to the core, makes me despair. So coming here is like opening up the windows in springtime.

  4. Just makes me feel proud and pleased.

  5. I'm so crazy for this entire family; I can't tell you. It's refreshing to feel such honest emotion about anyone involved in politics.

  6. I stayed up to hear it live on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning actually). It was amazing, motivating, and all around fantastic. Couldn't be prouder of our nation right now. So, let's hope ACTION can now be taken and things can get done!



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