Red Alert

Lovely, isn't it?

DO NOT ask for whom the mosquito buzzes; it buzzes for thee.  That's right, folks - the first locally acquired case of chikungunya has been diagnosed in Florida.  IT'S HERE.

Don't say I didn't warn you...

[Mosquito image: Wikipedia]


  1. Florida seems to have a lot of bugs. Big bugs. That's why I live in the desert where we catch on fire if we stand outside longer than 30 seconds in the summer. I guess everyplace has it's pitfalls.

    1. Don't you have scorpions? Or have they all self-combusted?

  2. It's been in Oklahoma longer than Florida? This disturbs me on some level...

  3. If/when I get to heaven, Ima ask God straight out: "The mosquito. WTF?!"

  4. It could only happen in Florida. Right? This is ONLY in Florida?


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