Sunday, July 06, 2014

Having A Ball

So! I visited a friend recently and happened to sit on this exercise ball chair she had.  It was awesome.  I felt as though I could sit up straighter, I could feel myself working my core muscles to do so instead of straining my back. Is it crazy to spend $75-80 on one of these things?    I mean, when you consider I have to spend $30 per physical therapy session, I guess it isn't much if it helps my back, right?  Or am I rationalizing?

 Too ugly, though?  Will it clash with my highbrow IKEA decor?

Anyone have one of these?  Pros? Cons?


  1. AnonymousJuly 07, 2014

    Just get the ball--seriously. I think they're only $30 or less.

  2. I have one. I like it. But I do switch it out with a regular desk chair periodically because I wouldn't want to overdo the core work, that's why. ;-) Maybe your friend would let you borrow hers for a week to test drive it?

  3. If you sit a lot, it's probably worth it. I'm tempted to bring my exercise ball to work, but I would definitely be mocked for it.

  4. I used to sit on my exercise ball (it seems like the added chair features would take away from the point) but the kids kept rolling it around the house and using it like a toy whenever I wasn't actively using it. Somehow I found that annoying. Teenagers!

  5. We just last night went to a seminar on back pain put on by our local Wellness Center (fitness center affiliated with the hospital) and someone asked the same thing. The PT said that the ball really doesn't provide enough support to the back. Just passing that on since it was so recent.