Tuesday, July 08, 2014

FitBit Me

Susie's been sick, the kind of fever-and-sore-throat sick where she doesn't really sleep at night but tosses and turns and generally keeps me awake ALL NIGHT LONG.  By 2 AM, I had pretty much reconciled myself to the thought of being sleepless and was glad enough to catch an hour or so closer to dawn.  At 6, I kicked Susie out of the bed so I could grab a little more sleep, only to feel myself being shaken awake around 7 by Rachel, who -- for reasons unknown to me - had to know RIGHT THEN whether or not Susie had slept last night.

One wonders why she didn't just ask Susie, who was awake on the couch downstairs.  Or maybe Larry, who was also up.  Why did she pick the sleeping person?  WHY?

So, yeah, the day hasn't been so great.  I"m tired, Susie is most definitely not on the mend, I'm looking at another night like the last one...AND, in an illogical moment, I started prepping the kitchen cabinets for repainting, only to realize I was missing some important tools for the operation - drip pan, drop cloths, enough PAINT.  So now I have an unpainted kitchen that is missing all the hardware from the cabinet doors.  Not quite what I would call progress, but there you are.

Lord, I"m tired.

In other news, I ordered a FitBit Zip.  What with all the rave reviews it receives, I figured I might as well jump on the bandwagon and see if it makes me be more active during the day.  Also, it seems to help to get a new toy every once in a while, just to rev up a tired fitness routine.  Maybe I'll pick up a skateboard next.

Just kidding - I can't even ride my kids' scooters.

So will FitBit turn me into one of those people who become obsessed with fitting more steps into my day? Probably not. In this weather, I am much more likely to obsess over where to find my next fix of air conditioning to sit down in, I'm thinking. But I'll give it a try.  Maybe last night would have felt more productive if I had been keeping track of all the steps I took to refill Susie's water and get the VapoRub and turn the air conditioner on and off.  ALL NIGHT.  Really, I"m surprised I don't feel more fit already.

New trend?  Nocturnal fitness routines?  Hmmm....


  1. Will the FitBit only measure steps or will it also credit you for sanding the kitchen cabinets?

  2. Ack! I hope Susie feels much better soon for both of your sakes.
    Why, WHY do the children have to wake the sleeping person to ask a question any wide awake person in the house could have answered?!?!??