Monday, February 02, 2015

Pajamas - More Useful Than You Think

Well, I finally got my act together and got those books back to the library.  It cost me 40 bucks, but my account is unblocked and I am a respectable citizen again.  Or I will be, once I return the 6th Harry Potter audiobook that is in my car.  Hey, we're still listening to it, all right?

It got cold here today.  You see, it couldn't be cold yesterday and give us snow instead of torrential rain.  It has to wait until the rain stops, see, and then it gets cold.  That's how winter works around here.

20 years I've been here, and I still can't accept it. I just can't.

In other news, Larry realized that the more we insulate the main floor, the colder our bedroom is going to become.  Because we have a three-story townhouse with exactly ONE thermostat.  A new thermostat, yes, but still - there's only one.  So now that the main floor will stay cozily warm. due to Larry's mad insulating skills, the furnace won't click on as often, because it has no way of knowing that upstairs, where there is no thermostat, the warm air is still flying out our not-insulated bedroom walls.

Just as good as insulation...and way cheaper
And here, people, is the crucial difference between me and my beloved.  My solution? Buy a few more down comforters and some nice warm pajamas. Maybe add a little space heater if that doesn't work.  Larry, however, believes the answer is to rip out our front bedroom wall AND the front wall in our overstuffed walk-in closet and insulate those, also.

"We should tackle that closet," he said, flexing his arms and looking around for his implements of destruction.

"Look," I said, desperate enough to bargain. "Why don't you do the wall fronting the foyer and the kitchen first?  You can get a new front door. You know you want a new door."

He stopped looking for his crowbar long enough to say, "A new front door, eh?"

"Yes!" I said. "Look - here's the brochure you were using for the patio doors.  Pick anything you want.  Anything."

"Well," he said, a tad reluctant to relinquish his dream, "I guess the bedroom can wait until fall."

Good.  Because it will take me at least that long to empty our closet.  Maybe I can get him to do the basement first?


  1. You're doomed. If you start emptying the closet now, maybe it will be done by fall?

    1. Maybe...what I am really counting on, though, is my son's closet being available once he goes to engineering school in August...

  2. Congrats on forestalling more ripping out of walls. And thanks for reminding me to return my audio book, which is languishing in the back seat of the car.

  3. There's always the option of multiple zones.... but I think like you. Bring on the warm pajamas!