Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Like A Flu Shot, Only More Superstitious

There's been a 2-liter bottle of 7-UP sitting on my counter for almost 2 months now. Someone opened it at our New Year's party and drank a little, so it is rather flat by this time and not really appealing.  Every time I clean off the counters (oh, about bazillion times a day), I think how nice it would be to just pour the contents of the bottle down the sink and recycle the container.  But I won't.

Why?  Well, thus far this winter, our family has been fairly illness-free.  Oh, there's been a sore throat here or there, or one day of some generic fever, but that is it. And as our healthy weeks have stretched into months, I have become convinced that the minute I discard this flat, good-for-ailing-tummies soda, the kids (or, worse, Larry and I) will come down with the dreadful stomach flu that seems (if my Facebook feed is to be believed) to have been hitting everyone else this winter.

Oh, ye powerful Flat Soda, deliver us from evil!

So there you have it - the family talisman. I'm not touching it.


  1. This makes perfect sense to me. Don't touch it.

  2. If this is the way it works, then half the contents of my refrigerator are protecting my family from dire illness. Yes!

  3. Leave it alone!!! Do not touch the 7-Up! Although isn't it driving you a little crazy just sitting there begging to be thrown away?

  4. That is totally something I would do. In fact, I have a random assortment of bottles on my counter right now, that I filled with water before the blizzard over three weeks ago. Even with all the snow we keep getting, I have yet to lose power, knock on wood, but I can't bring myself to pour the water out. As soon as I do, the power will go out!

  5. Okay, you've convinced me. The bottle of full-sugar ginger ale taking up space in my fridge since our New Year's Party? Can stay there until spring. (Which we may be celebrating with fireworks on Independence Day the way things have been going.)