Monday, February 23, 2015

There's No Business Like Show Business

I went to my friend's annual Oscar party and came home a winner! That's right, folks - out of 24 award categories, I guessed 15 correctly.

15! I've come a long way from my days of know-nothingness, as far as current movies are concerned. Although, come to think of it, I had only seen one of the Best Picture nominees. I guess I am thoroughly in tune with the cultural zeitgeist, as it were; or maybe I am just on the Internet too much?

No matter! I came home with a tiara and a statuette and a bag full of candy. Did Julianne Moore get candy?  I think not.

Sorry, Julianne, I'm the real winner here.  That bag? FULL of Almond Joys.


  1. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum -- I saw zero movies in the theater last year, so I had no idea what was up for awards.

    Congrats on your win. :-)

  2. I'm like Jen on the Edge - have seen no movies. But now I know why our dinner guests last night left our house at 8 PM.

  3. I saw somewhere that the Oscar swag bags were worth $160,000!!! But I doubt that were Almond Joys inside so you totally won!

  4. Almond Joys AND a tiara? Yes, hands down, you are the real winner!

  5. Wow! I only got 10 right. Nice loot. Though you might need an armored truck to get away with that haul:)