Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Day 3 of the Eat Green Things challenge, and I am still going strong.  Look!

Artistically posed just off center, in a plastic IKEA bowl

There it is - a bowl full of healthy kale and cabbage bits.  Drowned in lots of dressing for improved palatability, of course.  It takes a LOT of chewing, though.  I imagine this is how cows feel.

You could have seen this same picture even sooner, if you had just LIKED this blog's Facebook page.  Meredith of Whynot Pottery saw it before any of you, and she also left a very witty comment there.  Go! Read it! LIKE the page, while you're at it!

Shameless huckstering - it's what's for dinner.

In other news, the main floor received its second coat of paint today.  The color looks marvelous.  Do you know why it looks marvelous?  It looks marvelous because I copied it from a neighbor's house.

You see, I have learned my lesson from our recent bathroom paint fiasco.  I will never, ever attempt to select paint from a paint chip again.  Instead, I will only choose a paint color that I have already seen on someone else's wall.  It's worked before (remember the Miracle of Christmas 2012?), and now, my friends, it has worked yet again. Gazing at my freshly painted walls, I feel ridiculously triumphant.

And that's all I've got tonight, folks!  Off to be healthy, wealthy, and wise by getting to bed at a reasonable hour...


  1. The exterior paint on our house is what it is because the previous owner drove around a newer housing division, found a color she liked, and pointed it out to her husband. Tried and true is a brilliant strategy. Let the other couples make the mistakes for you!

  2. Look at you, following all your resolutions! And yeah, picking paint is HARD...it's much easier to go with what someone else has done already that you like.

  3. Hey, or hay as the cows would say, I painted a room in my house after seeing the paint elsewhere. It makes the artworks pop.
    Mooving on.

  4. Replies
    1. Benjamin Moore's Lenox Tan - everyone who has walked into my house has loved it. It's brown, but it isn't.