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I Am NOT A Pet Person

You know, watching political conventions takes up a LOT of time. Throw in complaining about the humidity and my days are just about full lately. Oh, and I even cooked dinner last night. I know, Hillary Clinton probably wonders how I do it all.

Larry and I postponed our 3-day camping trip to the beach to next Sunday, because we figured sitting on the open sand in 100-degree weather this past week might not be a smart thing to do. Never mind living without air we've been hanging out here, chatting with my bug boyfriend about rats, visiting cat adoption places (because I am looking for an outdoor cat to scare vermin away), and doing other equally not-exciting things.

Dear Lord, I cannot believe I am cat shopping. You see, I noticed that Jennifer Jo has two cats that live outside only, and she convinced me that I don't need to be a cat lover to own a cat; so I am forging ahead with my feline-centric rodent-eradication plan. The kids are thrilled, even though I k…

I Am Music

Yesterday morning, my bug boyfriend showed up to do his monthly anti-insect thing, and after he sprayed all around the outside perimeter of the house, I invited him in to do the inside of the outside wall of the laundry room (if that makes any sense), because, as I oh so cheerily told him, "You can actually reach it now, because my husband had to empty out the entire room due to a water leak!" Always a silver lining, eh?

Only, NOT. I followed him downstairs to revel in the sight of the accessible exterior wall and realized that Larry had already managed to throw a bunch of stuff back in there and half the wall was blocked. My bug boyfriend tried to pretend that was perfectly normal and all, but EMBARRASSING.

Things are better today, though, because I took my kids to the bowling alley, which had 70's music playing (because it is ALWAYS the 1970's in bowling alleys, and WHY?), and I heard both "Delta Dawn" and "I Write the Songs"; so my life is just…


Praise the Lord, Larry found someone to help him! Of course, it's costing money, but not $10,000 worth of money, so that's good. The helper guy came by today with his wetvac and sucked all the water out of the trench (because it rained hard yesterday) and then he determined that water was being channeled under our stoop and spilling out by the basement wall, so there's another thing Larry has to figure out how to seal up.

Being a homeowner? TONS of fun.

Anyway, our savior is coming back tomorrow to do drainage-type stuff, and at some point he will have his men shovel all the dirt back into Larry's trench, and then Larry and I will live happily ever after, The End.

We are still planning to head to the beach with the girls and the camper on Sunday, for a few days of fun in the ocean. Only, I heard it is supposed to be about 100 degrees, which sounds a tad hot for fun, if you ask me. I mean, unless spontaneously combusting is your idea of a good time...

"At least we …

In Too Deep

Larry and I spent the afternoon sorting through all the stuff he took out of the camper and reorganizing it and discussing what to get rid of. And, yet, we are STILL MARRIED. Go figure.

We also had to open up the camper and wet down the new canvas tent cover three times with a hose, so the canvas would shrink properly around the seams as it dried. I swear, we looked the picture of a happy outdoorsy couple, out there in the parking lot, hosing down our camper, repacking it with all our supplies. We looked like a couple who would never need a professional mediator while setting up camp, or who would never spend an entire camping trip worrying that the disgruntled teen might just jump ship, as it were, or who would never dream of having a stupid argument over who last saw the tube of hydrocortisone cream in the first aid kit...

In other words, we put on a really good act.

I think I need to put a new category up there for all the camping posts. That would be a fun thing to do - you know,…

Facts Of Life

The girls have band camp this month, so this morning at 7:30 was a typical rush of lunches and instruments and music, mixed in with chores and hair and requests for pizza money. In the middle of all this, I heard Rachel call to me from the kitchen.

"Mommy! What's Pride Day?"

Oh, for heaven's sake - we have 5 minutes until they head out the door and Rachel brings this up NOW? How in the world do I explain this concept quickly? Does she or doesn't she already know what homosexuality is, I wonder? She's seen enough Daily Show to have some idea, though, right? She must know.

But Susie's in the kitchen with Rachel - have I even explained the birds and the bees to Susie yet? I swear, I can't remember. But I don't think so.

I know - Mother of the Year, right here.

All that was going through my head as I walked into the kitchen. Stalling, I asked Rachel, "What's the context? Where did you see it?"

"I don't know," said Rachel. &q…

Catching Up

Nothing is new here. There is still a 10-foot-deep trench across the front of our townhouse. Larry had a basement water-proofing guy come out last Tuesday to give us an estimate, once he realized that he had undertaken a humongous task, and the guy told us that it would cost $10,000 to have his company dig out and waterproof approximately 15 linear feet of foundation.

TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Um, no, not happening...

But he gave Larry a lot of good advice, and Larry resumed digging on his own. In humid, 94-degree temps, all weekend. Last I noticed, he was painting some type of waterproof something-or-other on the foundation. It's all been very complicated, with Larry having to call in an electrician at one point, and now there's a huge pile of excavated clay dirt in our front yard and all the neighbors keep coming by to discuss the odds of Larry ever getting this mess cleaned up.

Naturally, I'm trying to ignore this whole thing.

In other news, a new couple moved into the nei…


Let's see, when last we spoke, I was paying $140 more for my dryer than anticipated, while Larry was busy emptying all his crap out of the laundry room into the basement family room (where it joined all the stuff he emptied out of the camper - oh, yes, he did - so that he could replace the canvas top last week). I had just become reconciled to both the chaos AND the extra expense (especially because we got $90 back on our dryer due to its being dented), when the installation company called to "remind" me that I needed an extra $70 to pay for the permit to install a gas appliance.

That's $210 extra for the gas dryer, PLUS the extra $100 the gas model costs in the first place. By my calculations, this dryer will have to last approximately bazillion years for the savings of gas versus electric to pay off. BAZILLION.

Oh, I'm irritated, yes, I am.

In the meantime, Larry continued to rip apart the laundry room, while I got quotes from plumbers on the cost of moving th…