Monday, July 18, 2016

In Too Deep

I don't even know what to say about this picture.
Larry and I spent the afternoon sorting through all the stuff he took out of the camper and reorganizing it and discussing what to get rid of. And, yet, we are STILL MARRIED. Go figure.

We also had to open up the camper and wet down the new canvas tent cover three times with a hose, so the canvas would shrink properly around the seams as it dried. I swear, we looked the picture of a happy outdoorsy couple, out there in the parking lot, hosing down our camper, repacking it with all our supplies. We looked like a couple who would never need a professional mediator while setting up camp, or who would never spend an entire camping trip worrying that the disgruntled teen might just jump ship, as it were, or who would never dream of having a stupid argument over who last saw the tube of hydrocortisone cream in the first aid kit...

In other words, we put on a really good act.

I think I need to put a new category up there for all the camping posts. That would be a fun thing to do - you know, instead of making my kids dinner. Or fixing the shawl I'm knitting that somehow I messed up. Or cleaning the bathroom. No, instead all my camping blog posts MUST be gathered and labeled and preserved for posterity.

See? I have goals.

It's bigger than this now.

We still have a 10-ft-deep trench in front of our home. In theory, some kind gentleman with a truck is supposed to come by this week and pick up all the displaced dirt and then come back with a bunch of stones to dump in the trench. IN THEORY. Unfortunately, he never showed up last week to give us an estimate, and I am not sure how much longer our neighbors are going to put up with this eyesore we have created. All I know is that we are supposed to go to the beach for a few days next week and everything is supposed to be done by then.  IN THEORY.

In reality? I think we're in trouble here. Deep trouble.

[Camping image: Daily Mail]


  1. I know you meant the pre-camping tale as a warning, but I'm taking it as optimism that my husband and I will be able to purchase a camper and use it together without ruining our marriage.

    Sorry about the not-quite-rockery. My SIL hasn't been able to use her kitchen, or frankly even live in her house, for the past 3 weeks due to a skylight that leaked, was replaced, then the insurance guy found moisture EVERYWHERE and the entire kitchen (open concept house) has been gutted and re-done. New skylight last week didn't seal properly. They're living in their RV and taking little trips.
    Hey, that sounds like you and Larry!

  2. I don't even know how to make categories on my blog, so you're ahead of me.

    Yes, we all wear skirts and have perfectly coiffed hair when camping.

    I hope they show up soon with the rocks. That is disturbing.

  3. AnonymousJuly 19, 2016

    Maybe have a local quarry drop off a load and pay Susie by the bucketfull to fix the trench? Bet that would be cheaper:)
    You and Larry need to start one of your own "DIY/CAMPING" TV shows. I suspect it would be a huge hit.

  4. Clearly, you need a full skirt and matching jaunty sports top (and boyfriend's blazer) in order to have a fun and satisfying camping trip.