Monday, July 11, 2016

Catching Up

This was a heckuva lot of work.
Nothing is new here. There is still a 10-foot-deep trench across the front of our townhouse. Larry had a basement water-proofing guy come out last Tuesday to give us an estimate, once he realized that he had undertaken a humongous task, and the guy told us that it would cost $10,000 to have his company dig out and waterproof approximately 15 linear feet of foundation.

TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Um, no, not happening...

But he gave Larry a lot of good advice, and Larry resumed digging on his own. In humid, 94-degree temps, all weekend. Last I noticed, he was painting some type of waterproof something-or-other on the foundation. It's all been very complicated, with Larry having to call in an electrician at one point, and now there's a huge pile of excavated clay dirt in our front yard and all the neighbors keep coming by to discuss the odds of Larry ever getting this mess cleaned up.

Naturally, I'm trying to ignore this whole thing.

In other news, a new couple moved into the neighborhood, with their 16-year-old and their college-age kid. We (meaning the neighborhood gossips) just found out that these kids are the 2 youngest of nine children.  NINE. You know what this means, don't you? It means that I am no longer the neighborhood freak, with my moderately sized 6-kid family. I happily bestow the title of Fertile Fanny on this new neighbor mom, whoever she is (I haven't met her yet).

I won at Bunko tonight. I haven't won any money in over a year. Too bad I have to spend it all on library fines...

I took Susie to the local water park today, where we met some friends. I generally avoid this place - too much sun, too many people, too exhausting, too expensive. But I got a deal on Certifikids for half-price entrance fees and couldn't resist. Apparently, I forgot that I am too old for this sort of thing. I am EXHAUSTED. Seriously, I don't know how grandparents do all the things they do, when I can barely do things like this for my youngest kid.

Also? This summer is flying by way too fast. I'm already getting emails about fall homeschool courses Brian is signed up for, Rachel is working on summer reading assignments for high school in September, and our planned camping trips loom on the horizon. Whatever happened to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, anyway?

Larry is especially missing the "lazy" part, I'll tell you that.


  1. AnonymousJuly 12, 2016

    Congratulations on the money and no longer being the most fertile on your block. Now the third good thing to happen will be the conclusion of Larry's home improvement project...

  2. Mission creep on steroids! That's what this project has turned into, hasn't it?
    Good luck!

  3. Whoa, that's big money!
    I was one of 5, we lived in a 2-3 neighborhood. Then we moved and became the small family on the block, it felt strange.
    Post up the mugs, I'd love to see.

  4. I had to snort at the Fertile Fanny title you've bestowed on your new neighbor!

    Once Larry finishes this project - it will be worth the $10,000 saved.

  5. I've decided that basements are money pits. Ours (in NoVA) would have probably needed the same thing, but luckily we sold it first. Whew!
    My house here is smaller which I will probably regret when another kid marries and reproduces. I have no idea where we will put everyone for holiday visits!

  6. I just keep telling myself that what I don't know about my basement won't hurt me. Kudos to Larry for taking on such a back-breaking project!