Monday, September 04, 2017

The Sound Of Music, Annotated

Okay, that weekend went by in record time. I spent it recovering from whatever the heck was wrong with me last week, and working at the yoga center, and entertaining visiting family, and taking tweens to the mall, and seeing Anna off on her next overseas adventure. Also? Our local movie theater was showing "Sound of Music" this morning on the big screen, so of course I went. Susie was the only kid who accompanied me, because Rachel is too cool for such things now.

I've said it before, but "Sound of Music" on the big screen is absolutely magnificent. If you ever have a chance to see it that way, GO. And if you are really lucky, you won't be sitting in front of a person who is eating movie snacks loudly, constantly, like a pig at a feeding trough.

I wasn't that lucky, unfortunately. When this person wasn't slurping and chomping and rustling his popcorn, he was offering not-so-astute commentary on the movie. When the Captain and Maria (spoiler alert!) share their first kiss, Mr. Popcorn Snorter said to his companion, "He must be at least 20 years older than her." When we were treated to a full-screen picture of a huge Nazi flag covering a building facing a plaza where soldiers are goosestepping along in fine Third Reich fashion, he announced, "The Germans have taken over."

You know, because that was so hard to pick up on...

Picnic chickpea salad
But I still managed to enjoy the movie because, hey, absolutely magnificent. Afterwards I had to rush home and get things ready for a neighborhood BBQ, because I always seem to be in charge of such things. It might be the Jewish genes, I don't know.

What I DO know is that I am finally sitting down by myself this evening, reveling in the solitude and looking at my wreck of a house. I don't understand how grown-ups who are socially active manage their lives. I haven't been able to clean much of anything all weekend (aside from basic kitchen chores, of course); there are myriad details of my life that have fallen through the cracks; in short I feel completely discombobulated, simply because I had a few outside commitments over the past 3 days.

So how do people run for political office, say, or even volunteer on campaigns or join protest marches? How do they manage to hang out with friends, or pursue interesting hobbies, or hold down full-time jobs? When do they get their laundry done?

Just wondering...


  1. I suspect they have outside help. Capt. Von Trapp Certainly did!

    You just reminded me that I have towels in the dryer...

  2. I am fairly certain that they hire "people" to do those mundane things for them. I have been shocked at the people I have been in conversations with that seem like regular, normal middle class people like me....until they utter words like, my housekeeper or my lawn man! I think those of us trudging through life handling our own stuff is becoming a more and more rare thing.

  3. I was hosting a board gaming house party all weekend, and shamelessly recruited volunteers from among the guests to keep things running. (Hey you, please take out the trash- B, would you mind starting the grill- A, would you please put a burger on for me since you're making one for yourself? Works surprisingly well.) Also- never turn down a volunteer.

  4. No idea. I had to skip a meeting last Thursday since I was feeling overwhelmed with my dirty bathroom floor and such.

    We went and saw The Wizard of Oz on the screen at the old movie theater last year or so, that was fun too!

  5. Can you believe it - I have never seen The Sound of Music. On the small screen or big screen. I suppose I should add that to my list of Things to Do One Day.

    I agree with everyone else, they either hire people to deal with the mundane tasks of life.

    1. You definitely have to fix that Sound of Music deficiency.

  6. They have to hire help. No two ways about it.
    Have you seen this:

    1. Yes! Posted it on this blog's Facebook page a month or so ago. It was awesome.

  7. There is nothing quite like the Sound of Music - and I CANNOT believe that GiGi hasn't seen it. I was out of town with just the girls for the weekend and when I returned there were ants on my kitchen table. Coach was pleased with himself for doing a load of laundry, but I was like 'ANTS!?' Since the kitchen is under construction we eat in the living room and the basement and food is everywhere. It is hard to track, but hey - the ants have figured it out. Ugh! I have no idea how 'the other half live' but I'd settle for someone wiping syrup off the table after they feast on pancakes. Too much?



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