Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Nothing...I've Got Nothing...

An elderly neighbor commented to me that, 50 years ago, if she had asked someone when an African-American could become president of the USA, he would have answered, "When pigs fly." So she thought it was interesting that President Obama was inaugurated this past January, and a month later.....


Or had you heard that one already? I always seem to be the last to hear a joke.


There seems to be a bit of a dust-up in yesterday's comments over whether applesauce can truly be considered a condiment. Heather T argues that, if a food can be eaten alone, it doesn't qualify. I maintain that, if a food can be used as a condiment (my kids put it on pancakes), then it is a condiment. Like a word can be both a noun and a verb....

There also seems to be a fifty-fifty split on the topic of yellow mustard. One of my Catholic friends tried to disprove my Gentile yellow mustard theory by claiming that, while she prefers brown, her Jewish husband only likes the yellow stuff. Tell me - is it my fault he's an apostate and she's confused? No!

She agrees with me, however, that applesauce is a condiment; so I'll forgive her trying to upend my hypothesis. Besides, she's the one who inspired the fridge posts in the first place; so I think we all owe her a debt of gratitude.


So! Is it too obvious that I have nothing to write about tonight? It's just that I have no choice but to sit here and blog while I wait for David to finish up at his Civil Air Patrol meeting. It's a rough life, I know - the sacrifices we make for our children!

You see, David loves Civil Air Patrol. It's filled with kids just like him - obsessed with airplanes and aeronautics, titillated by every bit of news from or about the International Space Station, up-to-date on the smallest details of what NASA is doing lately. They are his people.

Wait - was I supposed to say "They are his peeps?" But "peeps" doesn't seem to describe straight-laced future aerospace engineers, does it? Could someone help me out here? Up until last week, I thought "peeps" referred to yellow and pink marshmallow chicks.

But, hey - at least I know a condiment when I see one...


  1. Applesauce=food. Otherwise, I give my kids a condiment for a snack. (Of course, last week I channeled Reagan and told them ketchup was a vegetable.) Yellow mustard=disgusting. Civil Air Patrol? I'd never heard of it. COOL!

  2. If it is stored in a jar or tub...it's a condiment.

  3. I resorted to Dictionary.com: "something used to give a special flavor to food, as mustard, ketchup, salt, or spices."

    But anything on put on pancakes could be a condiment, because it would give a special flavor. Like syrup!


  4. Applesauce is a food, most definitely---I canned 140 quarts of it, so I ought to know.

  5. My kids like applesauce on pork chops. Condiment!
    So what are we if we have both kinds of mustard in our fridge?

  6. I have seen the swine flu joke complete with a pig picture on it :-) Still a funny thought. The tv is ramping up the coverage of the whole swine flu thing with flu season coming trying to scare us to death.

  7. So swine flu is Obama's fault?

  8. Around here, anything goes on pancakes, but especially applesauce. You are totally right about applesauce AND mustard.
    The joke was totally new to me and made me LOL. Does cackling in my pajamas make me weird, or am I safe because of my stance on condiments?

  9. I agree with Heather. Applesauce = food. We use applesauce as a side dish for lunch. Also, we put fruit on top of our pancakes. :)

  10. We like tomato sauce on spaghetti. Condiment? Discuss among yourselves.

  11. Applesauce. Boy, you never know what will give us all a lift! I haven't thought this hard about something in a good long while. You got me really thinking on the 'a word can be both a noun and a verb.' I could argue against that too, but then my compulsive nerd-dom I drive away any readers I still have left ;-)

    I hadn't heard the joke yet, so I'm with you on being a little behind. But it was a great joke; thanks for sharing!

  12. I think Peeps are the fowlest treat in the world.

  13. Any food can be a condiment...and by condiment i mean to enhance the main dish

  14. I love applesauce, alone and with other food. And especially when you have kids, you gotta give them food they like to go with the food they might not like so much lol

  15. Ever try Peeps as a condiment for hot cholcolate? It's awesome watching them melt. Plus, you get an instant sugar coma. Yes, I am depraved.