Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Picture Imperfect

To the person who got to my blog by Googling, "houseguest had head lice"? I am so, so sorry. I would advise a flamethrower in the guest room. But I'm neurotic like that.

Yesterday Larry and I decided to invite some friends over to celebrate Labor Day - you know, just a last-minute, throw a few extra hotdogs and burgers on the grill kind of thing...

When will we ever learn? After blithely issuing the invitation, we realized that we had to clean up this dump we call home if we were going to allow people (with a crawling baby) inside it. I'm exhausted. And I can't help but wonder why we had been living with various colored buttons strewn all over the dining room floor. I mean, it's not as if I were actually sewing them onto the Baby Surprise Jacket I finished last month. That would make too much sense.

The upside, though (and there always is one, isn't there?), is that this morning I was surprised to find an (almost) clutter-free living area awaiting me. I'm not used to that. And - even better - Larry and I have gotten one step closer to hanging pictures of our precious offspring on the walls of our home.

You see, many moons ago I bought 3 frames at Michael's - and each one holds 3 5x7 photos. Normal people would have put some photos in them and then hung them up.

We are so not normal.

What with selecting the right photos from the 17 trillion I have online at KodakGallery, and ordering them, and figuring out how to put them in the frames so they're not crooked, this particular project has stretched out to well over a year. In between each of these steps I would lose the frames and forget about the project entirely.

I told you - not normal....

So it came to pass that during our cleaning frenzy yesterday, I found the frames - complete with pictures - on top of our dining room hutch. Oh, it was a joyous reunion, I tell you! I begged Larry to hang the pictures up, quickly, before they disappeared again.

Alas! It was not to be...as of this writing, there is one frame propped on the fireplace mantel in our den; and the other two are nowhere to be seen. It's almost uncanny.

Is there a religion where one is not allowed to hang up pictures of people in the home? I'm thinking we need to convert.


  1. I have an entire box of empty frames waiting for pictures so I can hang them on the wall. I've had the frames ready to go since April. I need to just go for it! I think you may have inspired me! ;) Thanks! Now, if I can just find the box. ;) lol

  2. I feel your pain, really I do! I LABOR over which photos to put into frames, then once I finally decided and get them hung up & re-think my decision of the photos I chose, take the frame down, put in different photos, re-hang the frame. Oh, gosh I get neurotic now just thinking about it!!!

  3. I have a few pics(very old pics) of the children in frames siting on my tea cart I have NO photos hanging on my walls I am a bad mother...

    I was LOL@ the google search that brought someone to your blog...LOVE reading others GA keywords

  4. I have photos already in frames, of me on my wedding day, my grandmother on hers, and maybe my parents on theirs (it's been so long I can't remember). They're in the closet, because I wanted the walls painted before I hung them up. I've hung other stuff up, mind you, but for some reason, in my head, the walls need to be painted before I hang up wedding pictures. Almost six years after we moved in, no, the walls are not painted. The pictures are not hung up.

    It's not just you.

  5. It might be best to give up, because it is a BEAR to hang the frames so that they line up properly. Trust me on this.

  6. You either need to be Amish or Muslim. I think both of those shun photos of people in their homes. I'm sure both of those religions would welcome a convert. But I think you'd struggle with being Amish -- they're so organized.

  7. Nothing like company to add joy or stress to your life. I find it's always a mix of the two for me.
    Photos. Bah! I spit on the jerk who invented the camera!

  8. Most Amish don't allow their photos taken; maybe you can think about that. Altho the clothing leaves a little to be desired. Not many women can rock one of those little white caps.

  9. Don't feel too bad. My husband has been begging me to get our kid's school pictures updated in the frames that are already hanging on the wall, and last week I finally did it! It's a good thing that I did, because next week they are having this year's school pictures taken.
    How long do you think it will take me to get those put in the frames?

  10. here's a thought: do not hang them . . . prop them.

    prop them on the mantle (you have one there already), prop them in a bookcase, even place them on a mini easel which can be placed anywhere . . . the possiblities are endless

    hammer, nails, levels . . . too much work

  11. We hang one family photo up when we get one taken (at least every coupl of years/new baby). Except, there are several that are not hung up right now, as we need to patch plaster or tear it off and hang new drywall, after insulating properly. Maybe I should just hang them all real high in the entryway, as we have already finished it, for the most part. If only I could find the old trim, so we could strip and repain it. I think it is in the crawlspace under the kitchen, as we did not want the kids to mess with it, but I could be wrong. I know as soon as I decide to buy new trim, as it is very hard to match the old, ornate ones, we will find the old stuff. Old farm houses are so much fun, LOL.

  12. I had a purse that had little pockets to slip pictures into, and I worked on getting pictures to put in it, but the purse wore out before I got around to it. Gee, thanks for calling me abnormal!

  13. By the way, I think there are African tribes that don't believe in even getting your picture taken, much less hang them on your wall. It could rob art of your soul. That could be complicated to convert to though. Have the JW's outlawed that along with birthdays? If not, you could suggest it to them...

  14. The only time I invite people over is when I seriously need to clean house. I always was one to need external motivation....

  15. i found your blog via DECISIONALLY CHALLENGED. i love finding new blogs! come and check me out! if you decide you want to follow me, i would be glad to return the favor!


  16. thanks for coming for a visit! i appreciate you taking the time!

    in response to your comments on my blog, i guess since i always have something to say, no matter what, i expect every one else to have a big mouth too. point taken!

    i'm looking at the blogosphere like the library. there are so many books and i want to read them all but i know i'll never get to, so i'm trying to read as many of the good ones as i can.

    i've gotten a few comments about pushing my blog, some positive and some negative. i feel i am funny, i have funny stuff i want to say, and i want as many people as possible to hear what funny stuff i have to say. when people say that i made them laugh out loud, it is like crack to me. if i were a crack addict. so if that makes me a blog hoor, so be it. i wear that label with pride!

    finally, i had no clue i had word verification on. I HATE IT! duh! okay, just removed!

    thanks again for all of your comments, they were informative and insightful and i enjoyed them immensely. blog on lady! blog on!

  17. At least they are closer to getting hung than they were!

  18. I can't find enough room for all my framed pictures. I sort of wish I had your problem. I know that the fact that there isn't a photo safe from my three year old unless it is hanging [way] above his head contributes to my situation.

    (and that isn't an excuse, it's a reason)

  19. That is SO normal! I think my youngest wasn't in kindergarten yet when I bought the big multi-picture frame, wherever it is. He's 21 now.

  20. I buy frames and put them up BEFORE I decide which pictures I want in them. Apparently I wait too long. I once had one of my daycare kids comment..."My mom has picture frames like this in our house, only she puts pictures of US in them."

    I feel your pain,
    Kari B