Friday, September 25, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Why 7? I Don't Know)

  1. Bruce Springsteen turned 60 yesterday. I remember thinking that he was ancient when he turned 35. Let's see...that was back in 1984...I was all of 21 then. We can conclude from this that 21-year-olds are stupid. Or else, it's just me...
  2. One stinkbug I can handle...but to look at my den wall and discover at least 20 of these lovelies crawling around (with more pouring in the window) is a bit more than I can stand. So I escaped to Starbucks Wednesday night and left Larry home to deal with the invaders. One of the creatures hitchhiked along on my dark-brown sweatshirt and wasn't discovered (by me) until I was inside the store. [insert silent scream here] Apparently, there is no escape.
  3. Enjoy the picture - misery loves company.
  4. My skin is crawling from all that buggy Internet research I just did.
  5. Uncle Matt was planning to visit this weekend; that is, until he heard about the headcold we're passing around the house here. Coward.
  6. Or maybe he just doesn't like stinkbugs?
  7. Thank you to all the commenters who left funny links the other day. I particularly enjoyed the video of the baby tearing paper and laughing. Not least because the dad filming it was exhibiting the distinctively dad behavior of letting the kid bonk his little head on a hard piece of furniture without then relocating the poor child a safe distance away from it. Unlike a mom, say, who would have stopped the camera for a minute and moved the kid to a safer spot. Instead, we're treated to "Ha, ha, ha, BONK!" twice in this short clip. Maybe that's the answer to "What's the sound of a cute little baby laughing his head off?"
Head on over to Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes.  Her #7 today kills me.


  1. Stink bugs? Oh, we've got them here in full force. I'm working on tomorrow's post, complete with photos of EB's bedroom window covered in them... luckily OUTSIDE the screen.

  2. Oh my, thank you, thank you, thank you for that laughing baby clip! I, well, LAUGHED, and now I feel a lot better.

  3. Oh how you cracked me up. I needed that.

    Sorry about the stinkbugs...EEEW!

  4. Springsteen is 60? Can't be. That makes me . . . not sixty.

    That is all.

  5. That paper baby video is great... As for the stinkbugs, I thought I would trade my cupboard moths for anything, but I'm not so sure now...We should both just thank our lucky stars it's not bed bugs.

  6. I love your blog! I hope you'll come follow me as well!

  7. You just put the ant nightmare I'm currently living in perspective. Thanks.

  8. So thats what the bugs are called Sara and Laura keep finding in their room. Maybe if they would finish cleaning it so we could take out the window AC and be able to close their window fully, the bugs would be discouraged? I can't take out the AC until I can walk across the room to their closet where I keep it off season.

  9. I loved the 35 being old thing. I remember when all the girls in my HS band were in love with the band teacher - I thought he was too old. One day a year or two ago, it dawned on me that my DH is older (by about a month) than that teacher was.