Saturday, January 09, 2010

Lights! Camera! Action!

Last Sunday was Larry's and my 19th anniversary; and I spent the day being smugly cognizant of the fact that Larry did not seem to be aware of this momentous occasion. Unlike last year, I plotted to spring the news on him the next morning and ruminated gleefully on all the ways I could milk this mistake of his over the next year. Oh, I had plans, people!

Of course, Larry ruined everything by wishing me a happy anniversary at 8 o'clock that evening. He claims he knew all along what day it was, but we were just so busy preparing for that day's visitors (old friends were dropping by) that he didn't have time to mention it earlier. What? No time for a simple kiss on the cheek? It's not as if he would have had to run out to the store to buy it, right?

I think I've been had. Next year? That guy will have a bridge to sell me.

Also? Larry and I went out for our annual movie date today, using the movie theatre gift card I bought him for Christmas. No problem with that, except he counts this excursion as a belated celebration of our anniversary. The movie was for Christmas. From me. Larry is still on the hook for some sort of anniversary commemoration, don't you think?


Anyway, we went to see Up in the Air because (and I know most of you will not believe this) I had never seen George Clooney in anything - TV, movies, nada.... In fact, the first time I ever heard of him was when Mrs. G listed him as one of her many secret boyfriends.

It's true, I live under a rock. And I'm comfortable there.

Up in the Air was a good movie for any number of reasons, including the fact that the main character did not bed a woman young enough to have been his daughter (thank you Jason Reitman); but Larry and I arrived at the theater too late to get popcorn. We ended up buying some afterwards and sitting together in the lobby to eat it. We looked weird. Homeless, even. And I was disappointed to discover that even though George makes for some delicious eye candy, his magazine-y good looks are just not my type. I prefer quirky good looks myself. Sorry, George - but in the highly unlikely event you come calling, I'm not home.

Yes, Larry, I just called you quirky-looking. Now get going on that anniversary gift, will ya? It shouldn't be too difficult. Simply try to imagine - What Would George Clooney Do?

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  1. Congratulations! And yes, i do think Larry was playing you, letting you make all the plans and then ruthlessly crushed them last minute. you should've gone to bed at 7. Just an idea...

    And I am with you on the whole good looking thing. I am partial to the "tall and skinny nerd" look. And no, I did not call my husband tall and skinny nerd because he is not.

  2. You're right; I do not believe you have never seen George Clooney in anything. It is simply NOT possible.

  3. Hey, I just stopped by from Mormon Mommy Blogs. I agree...he's definitely still on the hook for an anniversary commemoration.

  4. Yes, he's still on the hook. It's an ANNIVERSARY. Supposedly it's the "bronze" one where you're supposed to give a gift of something bronze. Now Larry, should you do so, make it lightweight, very lightweight. I would hate to hear about your injury or demise at the hands of an angry wife wielding the bronze statue given as a belated anniversary gift. You'd be very wise to get that gift to her well before Valentine's Day too.

  5. Your quirky-looking husband is definitely, absolutely,and positively still on The Hook. If he needs help getting down, tell him he should call on of your friends for suggestions, or ask you for a list. Until then, leave him there.

  6. If you want to see an excellent George Clooney movie get Brother Where Art Thou. Hysterically funny, moving, etc. George Clooney is absolutely terrific in it.

    I must say I had a wild crush on George Clooney in the early ER days but it has since passed away. But I still think he's a very good actor.

  7. Oh, I do love George Clooney, and I hope that I get to see the movie. And, your Larry is still on the hook, definitely.

  8. I love me some George Clooney. You mean you never saw him on The Facts of Life or Roseanne? I agree, Oh Brother Where Art Thou is one of his best. And yes, the hubby definitely owes you something anniversaryish, that is not a movie for which YOU previously paid. Sheesh.

  9. Eight P.M.? No gifts? Just a simple, 'Happy Anniversary?' Oh, and you treated the date?
    That is a total forget. Milk it Baby. Milk It.

  10. Cindy from Walla WallaJanuary 10, 2010

    Larry is definitely still on the hook. I tell my husband an anniversary celebration is far more important than my birthday -- because a birthday simply means I did indeed breathe for another year. But an anniversary? I had to put up with his opinions and annoyances for a year! A YEAR! And I love that man, but let's just keep that quiet, because those anniversary celebrations are seriously great days.

  11. I think you've been had, too. It's okay if you don't dig on Mr. GC. I'm happy to keep him for myself. But if he does come calling on you and you have to let him down, send him my way, sweetie.

  12. yes, you've definitely been had (but not're much, much too clever for that). larry owes you an anniversary gift...all the wives in america would agree with me. AND he especially owes you after that oh! so sweet compliment you gave him at the end there.

    how, how can you not have seen george clooney in a movie. ocean's 11, 12, 13? but i would also agree about his looks...i like a more rugged look.

  13. Hey. Congrats! 19 years is amazing. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I am jealous that you and Larry got to go to a movie. I love the movies.
    That Larry strikes me as a sly, quirky-looking, devil. Also, I think that image of the two of you with the popcorn is sort of romantic.

  14. I so much was not anticipating that last line. That was priceless! Happy anniversary (you young'uns, you.)

  15. Happy Anniversary!

    You can send George my way if he comes knocking!

  16. Happy Anniversary and now I want popcorn.


  17. Happy Anniversary! Wait... I've been married for 3 more years that you, but you have 2 more kids than I do. How did that happen?? (I might need to watch Monty Python's Meaning of Life again.)

    Another vote here for O Brother, Where Art Thou!
    And no doubt about it: Larry owes you, big time.

  18. I want to see that movie, but not because of George, either. Mostly because I live that life. ;-)



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