Saturday, January 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday: The Procrastinator's Edition

Yeah, it does seem to be Saturday, doesn't it? We're all about breaking the rules around here.

You know how some people go jogging with their dogs so that they can keep up a steady, aerobically-strengthening pace? Today I saw a woman doing that, but I doubt she was getting maximum exercise benefits out of the experience. Dachshunds just cannot go that fast.


Larry went skiing with David and his Boy Scout troop this weekend, so I decided to give myself a break and order pizza for dinner last night. (Hey, it's cheaper than the spa weekend I should be getting.) We had almost an entire pizza left over. Trying to make room in my refrigerator(s) for a large pizza box was too overwhelming, so I threw on my coat and carried the pizza box out to our parking lot and placed it carefully in the front passenger seat of our minivan. Brian went out there this morning to retrieve it for breakfast.

And now it occurs to me that maybe that looked a little weird to the neighbors.


Remember the knit signal? The Yarn Harlot reports that we knitters have donated over 1,000,000 dollars to Medecins Sans Frontieres since 2004. The total since she put up the knit signal for Haiti a week or so ago? In the vicinity of half a million dollars...

See? Knitters can be very nice. We're not always trying to kill people.


Did I mention that when Larry left for the weekend with David, they forgot to leave the dining room light on? And I feel it would look too pathetic to ask a neighbor to come over and screw in the lightbulbs. Particularly if that neighbor happened to have seen me storing pizza in my car last night. There's weird, and then there is weird.

It's getting sort of dark. Maybe I should hunt up some candles.


You know, just because the commissary is selling off all their Christmas-y Hershey's Kisses with Almonds for a dollar a bag doesn't mean it's a good idea to stock up. Because, really? "Stocking up" on chocolate is an oxymoron around here. If I have chocolate, I eat it.

Also? I get my kids to play Monopoly with each other by giving them candy to eat when they land on Free Parking. I'm trying to decide if they are spoiled or if my brother and I were just stupid to play Monopoly without being bribed.


I'm linking to Jen's 7 Quick Takes even though I'm late for the party this week and even though she makes me feel technologically inadequate by blogging about how easy it is to use her new Flip digital camcorder to make movies of the kids and then send them (the movies, not the kids) to all the relatives. Right. Probably just as easy on a light....


  1. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only person who has stored pizza in her car overnight.
    Also, the garage makes a good beer fridge in this weather. Just sayin'.

  2. I would never have thought of storing pizza in the car. Then again, there's probably only a week here where that would be an effective system.

  3. Yup, we keep beer in the garage too. I didn't feel at all bad about ordering pizza last night. For every pizza ordered on Friday, our pizza place donated a dollar to a Haiti relief organization. My inability to cook one more meal during this strep-tastic week was actually benefiting the greater world, yes?

  4. When we had that whole week of freezing temperatures here, I was like a new woman. I stored 12 packs of soda, cases of beer, water, and *pizza* too in my truck, it was like I had died and gone to heaven. Made me long for Buffalo snow, so easy to open your kitchen window and stuff a couple of bottles of beer in the snow outside to chill while watching football. It was because my 3 year old can't have wheat that I decided to store the pizza in my truck, btw...then the rest of it just sort of happened.

  5. You're the second person I've seen this week that did their takes on Saturday. So, maybe you're weird but not that weird.

  6. One year (before we owned a 2nd freezer) we stored an entire deer carcass (all packaged of course) in my husbands project car in the garage. One good thing about Wisconsin weather I guess.


  7. storing pizza out in the car is very creative! cudos for that.
    and i'd say there's something wrong with your kids if they didn't try to have that pizza for breakfast! ;-)


  8. I never got bribed to play monopoly. I think we got bribed to stop playing monopoly though.

  9. Ah, I feel so less weird today. Thank you!

  10. I'm coming out of lurkdom to say that after the Christmas dinner was over and my fridge was stuffed with leftovers, I still had half a turkey carcass to deal with. Daunted by the task and ready to give up, I carefully placed the lid back on the roasting pan and walked that bird out to my car, where I placed it safely in the trunk. Hey, at -12C it was safe enough. Deboning the next day was actually delayed as I waited for it to thaw.

    (And bribing the kids to play boardgames is genius.)

  11. I actually think I could keep up with a dauchsund!

  12. I think the car-fridge is a great idea! And in the summer, we could use it as a car-microwave!

  13. I think I could keep up with a dachsund too.

    Love the knit signal!

  14. I've only been in Colorado for six months, but when my entire family (10 people) was here for Christmas, I used the garage as extra fridge space, since my fridge was crammed full with leftovers and whatnot. Soda, wine, and even the cheese from Figi that we had for lunches was stored out there. And it was colder than my fridge.

  15. We live in a climate in which your car helpfully reheats your morning coffee so that when you leave work, it's a toasty 120 degrees. (This only works in summer when you don't want it to!)

  16. Our porch is our 2nd fridge all winter for soda pop and anything in sealed containers. The cars are the 2nd fridge for anything that isn't sealed.